Hidden Money in the Bible


A mother gives her daughter a beautiful new Bible as a college graduation present. As she does so, she says, “My dear, I hope you will discover the treasures that can be found within these pages.”

The daughter thanks her mother politely, but she felt very disappointed. “That old woman got all this money,” she thinks to herself. “She should’ve written out a big fat check instead of giving me this as a present! Old windbag!”

The daughter puts the Bible, still in its beautiful presentation gift-box, on the upper shelf in her closet, and completely forgets about it.

She doesn’t see her mother very often after that, but every time she does, the mother gives her sort of a strange look and asks her how she’s enjoying reading the Bible she gave her. On such occasions, the daughter replied, “Sure, Mama, I’m enjoying it a lot.”

Many years passed the daughter was very successful in business. She had a beautiful home, a beautiful car, and a wonderful family. But then she realized her mother was very old, and thought perhaps she should go visit her.

She hadn’t seen her since that graduation day. Before she could make plans, she received a text message telling her that her mother died, and willed all her possessions to her daughter.

When she arrived at her mother’s house, sadness and regret filling her heart, she began to search through her mother’s important documents, and saw the Bible, still brand-new just as she had left it years ago.

With tears in her eyes, the daughter opened the Bible and before she could turn any pages, she turned to the Book of 1 Corinthians. When she got to it, there was an envelope and her mother had carefully highlighted a verse in pink. It states, “And if any man think that he know anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.”

As she reads those words, the daughter opened an envelope and she discovers her mother has inserted some crisp clean 100 dollar bills that equals up to $10,000.

Moral: Sometimes, we have the tendency of missing out on blessings because God did not package them how we wanted or expected Him to. We should take time to think and we should not upset and act at instant. We must think before we act because it’s better to think before act than to regret later.


Check YOUR Own Grammar before You Judge Mine

Truth was everyone is so quick to judge about one another but not really looking at the bigger picture of making sure their hands are cleaning before they started pointing their fingers at other people. But when it comes to grammar that really took the cake!

Now, to be totally honest, I have been underestimated by numerous of people telling me that I have bad grammar. Ever since I first started blogging, I had a blogger commenting that she is touched by my story but my grammar is terrible. I didn’t really understand it because I really became so upset about what she commented. But that was just the beginning.

For the second, I was told once again that I have bad grammar and this time, it’s coming from social media groups I was commenting about a TV show I tuned in every Tuesday. Another individual was comparing my comment to somebody else’s comment and I became upset even more. My flesh wants me to tell her saying, “Look here, Miss Know It All! This isn’t a classroom. This isn’t school. I don’t need to be corrected” As much as I want to do something to hurt the person, I couldn’t even do it because I have too big of a heart to do a foolish like that.

Being told that I have bad grammar made me feel like I was doubting myself and thinking that I was dumb. I was sad I needed to talk to someone that truly understands me. On that same day, I decided to reach out to my former English and I told her about my problem and I asked her does having bad grammar made me look like I am less than anybody.

She taught me a valuable lesson and that was Grammar is something I can improve. It does not make me less intelligent than the next person. However, people look at me differently when I use improper grammar. That really make sense.

To everyone who were told that you have bad grammar, let me encourage you with some words of wisdom.

When your last breath arrives, grammar can do nothing. It isn’t fair that people judge other people by their grammar so it’s best for them to check their grammar because they’ll never know what they’re missing. Look on the bright side. David Ogilvy said, “I don’t know the rules of grammar you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.” No offense to him, but that’s a strong point.

As I close, please know and understand that your grammar reflects your image. Good or bad, you have made an impression. And like all impressions, you are in total control.

Keepin’ It Real with DD4L

Peace be with you all, DD4L!
Yesterday was Sunday but I want to do share something with you that I KNOW it’ll be an amazing encouragement to every one of you. Now, Friday night I didn’t get to tune in to Bring It because I had a choir anniversary to go to at a church. When my mother got up there on the choir stand along with our choir members, she said this as I quote, “We’re gonna BRING IT!”

I thought to myself, “It’s nothing but the Spirit of God speaking out loud.” And thank God we brought it!! To get on with the point, I did get to see the show at midnight and I already from the get go that the Dancing Dolls won. As I sat there and watch how Neva continues bragging about those trophies they’ve won, knowing it’s all a fluke, she continues to underestimate Coach D and the Dancing Dolls. By that time when the Divas ended up with 2nd Place, Coach D says, “Kudos to you, Neva for standing still and standing here beside me and watching me accept these awards.” That right there proves a point that God prepares a big feast before Coach D and her squad in the presence of Neva and her squad because in order for the Dancing Dolls to be blessed, the Divas of Olive Branch have to be present to watch the Dolls eat. Why is that? It’s simple: The Dolls crave for underestimation because it feeds their motivation. Read Psalm 23:5, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Now, about bragging about what they’ve won, here’s the big question. “Was God in the midst when the Divas got those 2 trophies?”

Obviously, He wasn’t because that ought to teach Neva a REAL lesson that bragging what you did or what you got, without giving God all the credit, is a definite No-No. If you don’t believe me, Read Ephesians 2:9, 1 Corinthians 5:6, and James 4:16. That’ll tell you. Since Neva is good at bragging so much, I can imagine God giving her a real wake-up saying, “Do me a favor. Think about what I have done for you vs. what I you have done for Me, and see who will come short.” Now, you get what I’m saying, don’t you?! My encouragement to Coach D, the Dancing Dolls, family, friends, and fans is to remember that no matter what you’ve done or who you are, not only you must pray, but you must ALWAYS acknowledge GOD 1st and give HIM all of the credit.
Stay blessed and continue to put God first!!
D to the D to the 4 to the L!!!

Moving Forward to 2015 by Faith

As I look back over my life in 2014, it was nothing but God’s grace that led
and guided me into a brand-new year of 2015! It’s true that it’s better to look ahead
and prepare than to look back and regret because I honestly don’t need a new year to
make a change, all I need is tomorrow. Better yet, starting right now!! On the real deal,
everyday is an achievement in itself.

Now that I am preparing myself for the new year, I’ve made seven (7) goals on what to do
to be more successful in a Godly way to be complete.

GOAL #1: Get My Attention Back On God the Father
and Allow Him to Deepen My Relationship with Him

I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD.
They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope
(Jeremiah 29:11)
because It is better to depend on the LORD than to trust mortals. (Psalm 118:8)

GOAL #2: Be healthy by Saving Myself from
Being Diagnosed with Diabetes and Cancers

My body is God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in me.
If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy Him because God’s temple is holy.
I am that holy temple!
(1 Corinthians 3:16-17) I know that I am spiritually well.
I pray that I’m doing well in every other way and that I’m healthy.
(3 John 1:2)

GOAL #3: Continue to Use My God-given Talents
and Wisdom to Become a Beautiful Inspiration

Everything I say or do should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through him.
(Colossians 3:17)
God does not see as humans see. Humans look at outward appearances,
but the LORD looks into the heart.
(1 Samuel 16:7)

GOAL #4: Learn How to Stand On My Own 2 Feet
and Start Making My Own Decisions

I must trust the LORD with all my heart, and do not rely on my own understanding.
In all my ways, I will acknowledge Him and He will direct my path.
(Proverbs 3:5-6)
But If I need wisdom to know what I should do, I should ask God, and He will give it to me.
God is generous to me and everyone else and doesn’t find fault with anyone.
(James 1:5)

GOAL #5: Allow God to Pour Out His Blessings Into My Own Small Business
and Leave His Son’s Blood Stained Fingerprints on My Creations for My Protection

I must remember the LORD my God, for He is the one who gives ability to get wealth;
if I do this He will confirm His covenant that He made by oath to my ancestors,
even as He has to this day.
(Deuteronomy 8:18).
God has given me a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts
so I must use them well to serve others.
(1 Peter 4:10)

GOAL # 6: Praying Carefully and Waiting Patiently for a Husband
that God Wants Me to Be Blessed With

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD. (Proverbs 18:22)
I will delight myself in the LORD, and He will give me the desires of my heart. (Psalm 37:4)
I will betrothed my husband to Me forever; Yes, I will betrothed him to Me in righteousness and in justice,
In lovingkindness and in compassion.
(Hosea 2:19)

GOAL #7: Do a Whole Lot Better than What I Did In 2014 By God’s Grace
I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies
behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of
the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:13-14)

When I look back on what I’ve lost and realize what I have now is way better than before,
I know it is totally worth the struggle. Just because the past taps me
on the shoulder doesn’t mean I have to look back. So, as I’ve set my goals,
I’m moving forward by faith into the New Year!!!

QUESTION: Which Will YOU Choose?

You’ve heard this saying many times “Life is a test that I didn’t study for” and to add my meaning to the sentence, “Life is not just full of choices, it’s full of multiple choices.”  But when it comes to us REAL ladies, which will you choose?

It seems to me that the whole world is full of Bathsheebas. What I mean about that is there are too many men out there lusting after women based on their body parts. For example, the ladies that every men always lusting and rapping about are  Beyonce, The Kardashian Sisters, Halle Berry, Nia Long, and so forth. These are the examples of Bathsheebas. It doesn’t matter if these is ladies are beautiful based on the body figures. What does matter is how beautiful they are by they respect themselves. I figured that if you would start paying attention to the sizes of every woman’s heart, talent, and the higher GOD she serves, you wouldn’t be paying that much attention to women’s backside, breasts, legs, and thighs.

Now before I keep it real on this topic, I’d like to point out an example about Bathsheeba in biblical terms. Do you happen to realize that LUST is one of the deadliest sins? To make a point, David the King went out on his balcony and saw a fine woman taking a bath on her rooftop. Yes, her name is Bathsheeba. Lust was all up in David’s eyes that caused him to seduce her and ended up doing the dirty work by having her husband killed just have her as his wife. Now, David thought that can away with what he did, but he thought wrong when God sent Nathan to pull the cover off of David.

Fellas, you may ask yourselves these questions: “Why can’t these females do right? Don’t they happen to realize that if they would respect themselves, we men would be glad to treat them like queens?” Well, you probably right about that. But, Ladies, you may even ask these questions yourselves: “Why can’t all men do right? Don’t they happen to realize that if they would stop looking at our body parts, we ladies be glad to treat them like kings?” Now, that’s exactly what I’m talking about!

My BIGGEST questions that should’ve been asked is: WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Bible and Brains, or Breasts and Booty? Love, or Lust?  Saved With Amazing Grace, or Sinned With A lot of Guilt? Better yet, let me ask THIS critical question, Which Animal Will You Choose to Be? A Lion that lies down with the Lamb, or A Dog that lies down with Fleas? I came out strong, didn’t I?!

The trouble with most men who claims to be a lion just because a lion is the king of the jungle but not in godly way when they are literary being a dog. No offense, guys, in this matter. But every men need to understand that God Himself had put us on this earth to develop our minds and our bodies in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I mean, we, as ladies, know that there is the #1 thing that we are NOT:

A Cheap Value Meal. Now, guys, if all you want for a lady is breasts, thighs, and legs, do yourselves a favor. Go to a drive-thru window at either Popeye’s, KFC, or Church’s chicken because we ladies are NOT cheap value meals! We human beings that sets a price on ourselves. A high, HIGH price! With the price that high, we valued ourselves to know that our bodies is the Lord’s Temple (1 Corinthians 6:19).

We are more than our body parts that you see and rap about in music videos, magazines, and movies. So instead of looking at how big our booties and our breasts are, how about using your brains, read your Bible, and get your attention back on God the Father? Rather than focusing only on the body parts, choose instead to add spiritual strength through your Bible and brains.

Need I remind you, here are some messages that God would teach you all because you might need it as a reality check. Exercise daily in GOD–no spiritual flabbiness, please! Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in GOD is far more so, making you fit both today and forever (1 Timothy 4:8). Hear these words spoken just to YOU, godly ladies: “Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity…Give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. Do not neglect the gift that is in you” (1 Timothy 4:11-14).

As I come to a conclusion, I pray that all of us will be real cautious when it come to the choices that we choose and I want encourage you all that God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness (2 Peter 1:3).


God is Love,


“Ain’t You A Woman?” ( Letter To My 28 Year Old Self )

This is what I wrote to myself when I was 26 years old and now I am 28 years of age.
I have on question for you and I want you to think as the strong sista
by the name of Sojourner Truth. Ain’t you a woman? Look at you!
Look at this  1 Samuel 16:7 image your Father have created!
He’s the reason why He got it worth it to put you on Earth.
Now, ain’t you a woman? It’s true that you were born in sin,
but you are Song of Solomon 1:5 that’s born to a legacy of black women. 
Now, ain’t you a woman? You were raised to be Job 33:4 and you’ve grown by grace
and Hebrews 11:1 Now, ain’t you a woman?
If only you can imagine that the Begotten Son can relate to this, you know what He’d say? He’d say,
“Daughter, like I’ve told Sista Mary about what I knew, I tell it to you.Your sins, 
and I know that there are many, but because of your faith, it saved you.
Now, ain’t you a woman? Life can careless on whether or not you got God-given talents
or how your life is! But what’s important is finding your own shoes.
Where are your shoes, Princess? WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES, PRINCESS?! 
I’m not talking about stiletto pumps! The shoes I’m talking about is
not only Gospel shoes that fits a Woman Warrior!
I’m talking about finding your FAITH!!!! 
Now, ain’t you a woman?
Look at your beauty, your personality, and your stature!
You are the most rarest gift from the Master!
And like His Mother, you are blessed and highly favored!
Do you remember the old spiritual, AMAZING GRACE,
“I once was lost but now I’m found”?
Princess, You’ve found the Woman in the Mirror and I’m so proud of you!
I never known a strong sista like you can be so Proverbs 31:10
to Matthew 5:16! My love is too spiritual to have it thrown back into my face.
Tell me, ain’t you a woman?! Yes, you are!! Why? Because you are a Child of the King!!!!!
Peace be with you always,
Sista Wykeshia