My REAL Black Story

God made me who I am.
I am nothing but clay that was made in the color of
rich dark soil that grows the food I eat and that’s
the Word of God.

It clearly explains why He’s the reason for everything.
God planted a seed of faith in my heart, so all I have to do
is use my tears to water it with my prayers, fertilize it with
God’s word, and cultivate it with lots of love.

But that doesn’t stop there.

God also made me in the color of coal where diamonds
are formed beautifully. He has all the power to use time and
pressure because that’s His way of trying to get the BEST out of Me!

God didn’t create me in the image of darkness:
He created me in the image of HIM!!!

I am black and beautiful,O daughters of Jerusalem, Do not gaze at me because I am dark, because the sun has looked upon me.
-Song of Solomon 1:5&6


True Identity of a Warrior

I am nothing but a clay to the Potter
That is seasoned as the Salt of the Earth
To the King of kings, I am His Daughter
Within me, I’m more than a Conqueror
And that’s proven to the Woman in the Mirror
Because of my beauty, my personality, and my stature
I know that I am a precious gift from the Master
I feared the One who has given me love, a discerning mind, and power
I may not be perfect, but the Savior thinks…
I’m to Die for!

L.O.L. (Love Over Lust)

The only way for me to be pure is to choose love over lust
I can’t get those two confused because one lasts forever and the other don’t last much
Before you talk about you wanted to sex me
There’s something you really need to listen very carefully

It’s easy to take off my clothes and have sex
But undressing my soul to you and sharing my life with you is best
of being completely naked
I vowed to wait to have safe sex till marriage
And I definitely don’t want end up with a baby in a carriage

I want to please God and follow His laws by practicing purity
Respect my wishes without pressuring me
Because my spirit leads me to celibacy

I respect myself enough to know how to keep my legs closed
My body is never your property, it’s the Lord’s temple
As much as I don’t want to rush love, I can’t help but wait
Because I know enough that love will always find a way each and every given day

If you still don’t get it, here’s a picture I’m about to paint
Having sex doesn’t make me a whore, just like being a virgin doesn’t make me a saint
Love and sex are not synonymous, don’t confuse them
Feelings and words are not synonymous, don’t abuse them

I hope you understand crystal clear of what I’m coming from
You may think I’m too beautiful to be single but I’m still young
So just that practicing purity of abstinence until marriage is a must
And that oughta let you know why I choose love over lust

I respect myself enough to know how to keep my legs closed

My body is never your property, it’s the Lord’s temple

As much as I don’t want to rush love, I can’t help but wait

Because I know enough that love will always find a way each and every given day


If you still don’t get it, here’s a picture I’m about to paint

Having sex doesn’t make me a whore, just like being a virgin doesn’t make me a saint

Love and sex are not synonymous, don’t confuse them

Feelings and words are not synonymous, don’t abuse them


I hope you understand crystal clear of what I’m coming from

You may think I’m too beautiful to be single but I’m still young

So just that practicing purity of abstinence until marriage is a must

And that oughta let you know why I choose love over lust


Prayer for Repentance


Dear Lord,

Please hear your daughter’s cry right now.

I am so sorry for doing things that is impure in your sight. Forgive me for being desperate, thoughtless, and sinful to everything that I have done. I am so afraid of making you jealous and disappointed for what I have done.

Please don’t take your joy, your Holy Spirit, and all the gifts you’ve given away from me. I’m like your servant, King David, create me a pure heart, renew the right spirit within me, and restore me joy and salvation.

Father, I know that I have done wrong, but I am asking you as I’m praying this prayer to please cast away my sins, purge me and cleanse me with living water and hyssop and I will not only be whiter than snow, but that I will come out as pure gold.

Thank you for hearing my cry.

In your Name I pray–






Keepin’ It Real with DD4L

Peace be with you all, DD4L!
Yesterday was Sunday but I want to do share something with you that I KNOW it’ll be an amazing encouragement to every one of you. Now, Friday night I didn’t get to tune in to Bring It because I had a choir anniversary to go to at a church. When my mother got up there on the choir stand along with our choir members, she said this as I quote, “We’re gonna BRING IT!”

I thought to myself, “It’s nothing but the Spirit of God speaking out loud.” And thank God we brought it!! To get on with the point, I did get to see the show at midnight and I already from the get go that the Dancing Dolls won. As I sat there and watch how Neva continues bragging about those trophies they’ve won, knowing it’s all a fluke, she continues to underestimate Coach D and the Dancing Dolls. By that time when the Divas ended up with 2nd Place, Coach D says, “Kudos to you, Neva for standing still and standing here beside me and watching me accept these awards.” That right there proves a point that God prepares a big feast before Coach D and her squad in the presence of Neva and her squad because in order for the Dancing Dolls to be blessed, the Divas of Olive Branch have to be present to watch the Dolls eat. Why is that? It’s simple: The Dolls crave for underestimation because it feeds their motivation. Read Psalm 23:5, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Now, about bragging about what they’ve won, here’s the big question. “Was God in the midst when the Divas got those 2 trophies?”

Obviously, He wasn’t because that ought to teach Neva a REAL lesson that bragging what you did or what you got, without giving God all the credit, is a definite No-No. If you don’t believe me, Read Ephesians 2:9, 1 Corinthians 5:6, and James 4:16. That’ll tell you. Since Neva is good at bragging so much, I can imagine God giving her a real wake-up saying, “Do me a favor. Think about what I have done for you vs. what I you have done for Me, and see who will come short.” Now, you get what I’m saying, don’t you?! My encouragement to Coach D, the Dancing Dolls, family, friends, and fans is to remember that no matter what you’ve done or who you are, not only you must pray, but you must ALWAYS acknowledge GOD 1st and give HIM all of the credit.
Stay blessed and continue to put God first!!
D to the D to the 4 to the L!!!

First God, First Love (Part 2)

And now the continuing story of  First God, First Love

At the same hour of the day, Sapphira stood in awe when she met Paul, she decided to accept his offer of going to get coffee. They both went to Krispy Kreme, had coffee, ate a couple of doughnuts, and they began having a conversation.

“So, Mr. Paul, tell me about yourself. You already know about me based on what Sarai have told you,” said Sapphira. “Ok, ma’am,” chuckled Paul. “As you can see, I am the owner of my own company when I do more than creating more business opportunities to help future graduates get jobs and scholarships. I am a multimillionaire working diligently with business folks.” “Wow! I’m very impressed. You’re very much successful like Donald Trump,” said Sapphira. She and Paul laughed. “Well, I’m flattered when you said that,” says Paul. “I am also a devoted church-goer, too. I am not ashamed to say that I am a soft-hearted man who love God more than anything.” “That’s wonderful, Paul,” says Sapphira. “Now, it may sound ridiculous, but do you have a wife and children?”  Paul chuckled and said, “No, I am single with no kids. I’m just a patient business man that’s waiting for God to bless me with a wonderful woman to be my wife.” “Really? I am single businesswoman myself, and I’m waiting on God to bless me with a wonderful husband,” said Sapphira.

As they spent their quality time enjoying each other’s company, both Paul and Sapphira knew that they’ll find true love. Within the next few hours, Sapphira went home, had dinner, and talked for a while with her mother. “Say, Mama, I had a great day today,” said Sapphira. “Really? Tell me about it,” said Mama. “Well, Ma, Sarai had introduced me to a phenomenal man who wanted give my company his fundings,” says Sapphira. “Why, that’s amazing, Sapphire! Tell me more,” says Mama. “Don’t keep your mother in suspense.” “Okay. His name is Paul and he offered me to go for some doughnuts and coffee and just enjoying each other’s company,” explained Sapphira. “Mmmm, that’s swell, Baby girl,” says Mama. “I just hope you’d be very careful because you wouldn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Since you told me what his name was Paul, he is a very intelligent young man.” “Ma, how’d you know him?” asked Sapphira. “His mother and I are great friends and classmates,” explained Mama. “After they had their conversation, Sapphira prepared herself for work on the next day.

The next morning, Sapphira and Sarai were in the conference room discussing some changes in her company. Surprisingly, Paul showed up and announced, “On tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a party as a celebration of Sapphira’s company in partnership for my company.” Everybody was so excited about the announcement, they all agreed! Sapphira couldn’t help but to sit there and smiled at Paul and he couldn’t help but to smile back and winked at her. “Thank you so much for that, Paul. You really shouldn’t do it,” said Sapphira. “I’m doing this from my heart, Sapphira. It’s my way of showing love,” said Paul. “Wait a minute, are you trying to mix business with pleasure by flirting with me?” asked Sapphira. “Well, no I am not,” says Paul. “I personally want to talk to you.” “Okay, um, if you want, care to join me at Red Lobster after work?” she asked. “Certainly,” Paul answered. For a few hours, Sapphira and Sarai were in the lounge and they started to have a little girl talk.

“So, Sapphy, I see you’re glowing so do you mind telling me what’s happening,” said Sarai. “Well, I believe I am being attracted to the guy that wanted to be partners with my company,” said Sapphira. “You mean, Paul?!” asked Sarai. “Yes,” answered Sapphira. “Wow, that’s real good. Who knows? He might like you,” Sarai said. “Really, I appreciate that, but I really don’t want mix business with pleasure,” explained Sapphira. “I understand that, Sapphy. Just give Paul a chance and pray about it,” said Sarai. Afterward, Sapphira and Paul met up at Red Lobster for dinner and they’ve really enjoyed themselves. “Paul, you’ve got to let me pay this because I’m the one who planned it,” said Sapphira. “No, no, Sapphira. It is I who pay for this. No arguments there,” said Paul. “Now that we’re here enjoying ourselves, what is it you want to talk about?” she asked. “I want to tell you that I am very fond of you,” says Paul. “I mean, I am very much interested in you. We’ve been friends and business partners for a while and I was wondering if you are interested in me.” “Well, Paul, you really are a great man to even say such honest things to me,” says Sapphira. “You do have the major qualities that I’m looking for in a man so, yes, I am interested in you.” Paul smiled and said, “You know, I really think you’re beautiful.” “Thank you, and I really think you’re handsome,” smiled Sapphira. “Thank you, but, um, can I call you ‘Sapphire’?” asked Paul. “Of course you can, even my mother calls me that all the time,” she said. “Well then, from now on, I will call you Sapphire because you’re a beautiful but you’re worth way more than  sapphires,” said Paul. Sapphira sat there with a smile and tears started rolling down her face because she was so amazed by what Paul just told her. When they looked into each other’s eyes, they finally knew that they have found true love!

One night, Paul and Sapphira had a successful party. Everybody had a great time. They have plenty of food, champagne, business partners and so much more. A few months later, Paul and Sapphira have been dating and things was falling into place perfectly.  One day, Sapphira and Paul went to his mother’s house for a Sunday dinner. Her name is Pauline. Sapphira’s mother Elizabeth, was helping with the cooking so everyone were having great time! “So, I see you and my son are getting along really well,” said Pauline. “Yes, ma’am, your son has been a perfect gentleman,” said Sapphire. “He better be,” says Pauline. “My son really knows how to treat a lady because I raisied him better than that.” “I see,” said Sapphira. “Oh, mom, you know I got this,” says Paul. “I’m the type of man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen.” “You see, that’s what I call a real man,” said Elizabeth. “That’s my boy,” said Pauline. “See, that’s what I love about your son,” says Sapphira. “Your son is so poetic and God-fearing.” “Why, Sapphire sweetie, I’d love to have you as my daughter -in-law because God has just finished writing your love story,” said Pauline. “Don’t you agree, Liz?” “Of course I agree, Pauline,” says Elizabeth. “I’d love to have a son-in-law like your boy.”  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

One day, Sapphira was walking down the street carrying groceries to her car. Suddenly, there were two guys walking behind her and tried to cause trouble. One pushed all of her things out of her hands and the other touches her on the behind. Sapphira screeched. “What’s a pretty lady like you walking all alone?” said the man. “Get away from me,” she yelled. The guy pushed Sapphira to the back of the car and the other takes her purse. “Don’t you talk to me like that again, you trick,” said the man. As much as she tries to defend herself, the two guys attacked her and put her in the trunk of her own car. While they drove off, Sapphira called the cops on her cellphone. When they cops tracked the call, they immediately chased the two guys. When they finally escaped, they got out and let Sapphira’s car run out into the bridge and sunk at the bottom of the ocean with Sapphira inside screaming for help. As the two guys laughing, there was a hand that patted on the guy’s shoulder. When the first guy turned around, Paul punched him the face. The other guy tried to cut Paul with a pocket knife, but Paul kicked him in the chest and they guy fell on the bricks. As soon as the cops arrived, Paul dived in the water and swam to save Sapphira. When Paul was swimming deeper to the depths of the ocean, he saw Sapphira’s white Cadillac CTS and Sapphira was screaming for help. Paul swam closer to the car and got Sapphira out of the trunk of the car.

As they were brought up to the surface gasping for air, Sapphira told Paul and the police what had happened. Once they took her statement and handcuffed the two bad guys, Paul said, “Good thing I was here to save you.” “Thank God you saved me,” says Sapphira. “Now I’m sad because I ain’t got no car, no money, nothing! I knew I should’ve been a little more careful of walking alone.” She began to cry and Paul said as he lifted her chin, “Sapphire, don’t worry about what you don’t have.  As long as you got God, that’s all you need. After all, you’re still beautiful.” Without another word, they both went home and gotten cleaned up.

Meanwhile, Paul went to his secret place to have a talk with God. “Lord, I thank you for being willing enough to come see about me. As you can see, I am ready to be a husband. If only you knew how much I wanted a wife, you’d understand. I wonder if Sapphira is the one for me?” And then, a gentle voice said, “Paul, my son, I’ve raised you to be a better man, and I taught you to delight yourself in Me and I’ll give you the desires of your heart. If you truly love Sapphira why don’t you let her know? I mean, I’ve hidden her in my heart so that you would seek ME first diligently. Because of you that feared Me, severed Me, seek Me and Loved ME more than anything, I’ll give you Sapphira as gift from Me.”  “Thank you, Lord, for my miracle!” cried Paul.

Two days later, Paul and Sapphira went out on a date in the park. The park was so beautiful it’s filled with white flowers and there was a swing on the tree. While they were sitting the swing, they both started talking. “Paul, tell me something,” said Sapphira. “Sure,” Paul said. “Do you like me?” she asked.

“No,” he said. She asked, “Do you think I’m pretty?” He said, “No.” She asked, “If I was to walk away now, would you cry?” He said “No.” Sapphira was so shocked she turned to walk away. Paul caught her arm and said, “Sapphire, I don’t like you. I LOVE you. I don’t think you’re pretty. I think you’re BEAUTIFUL. If you were to walk away now, I won’t cry. I’ll DIE. And most of all, I thank GOD that He sent you my way because I know you’re meant for me.” As Sapphira and Paul looked into each other eyes, they began to kiss each other on the lips.

Finally, Valentine’s Day arrived and it’s Sarai’s Wedding Day. As Sapphira help Sarai with her dress, she gathered the ladies to say a prayer to Sarai and Paul did the same for Abram along with the guys. The wedding ceremony was great success. But then at the wedding reception, everybody was having a good time. Sapphira caught the bouquet and Paul caught the garter. At that very moment, the party paused  and everybody wondered what’s going on.

When Sapphira turned around, Paul was on one knee with a 24 karat princess – cut diamond with sapphires around it in his hand. “Paul, Oh my God,” cried Sapphire. All eyes are on Paul and Sapphira proposing. He said, “Sapphira,  I love you and I believe that God had sent you from above. I’m your Boaz that you’ve waited patiently for me in the fields of wheat. I’m your King Xerxes that’ll treat you like a Queen. Most of all, I treasure you like a Diamond, and not a cubic zirconia. With that being said, will you be my wife?”

Sapphira cried for joy and said, “Paul, yes! I will be your wife!”

Sapphira married Paul and they lived in happiness of their lives, and they both learned that as long they continue to keep God first, they will always be one step ahead of the others who doubted them.



A BEAUTIFUL Poem from God

My Daughter,
Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and tell me what you see,
You weren’t created in the beauty of the world, you were created in the Beautiful image of ME!
It was I who’ve made everything Beautiful at MY own time,
I’ve given you beauty of a gentle, quiet, which is precious in my sight;
Like my servant, King Solomon said, you are Beautiful and there is no flaw in you,
For you are a virtuous woman that’s more precious than any jewels and that no can compare to you.
Let’s be very clear, Beautiful means so much more than just hair and a pretty face,
It truly means that you’re unique and full my amazing grace;
Everything within you that go much deeper than the softness of your skin,
Are the things that make you Beautiful, both outside and within.
Get real acquainted with the real beauty secrets which I’m giving you,
Use your lip gloss as the fruit of your lips to speak the truth;
Use your mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner to paint your eyes with stars to shine brightly,
As you butter your body with cocoa and shea butters, you must know that you are dark and lovely.
I’ve anointed your head with hyssop and olive oil so that your hair can grow longer in glory,
Moisturize your touchable, softest hands with pure charity;
As you use your voice for kindness,
Understand what Timothy said about the process of being a modest.
Use your ears for compassion and always use your heart for love,
Because you are the most Beautiful gift from above!
Remember, my daughter, you must always praise me for being wonderfully made,
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you are still Beautiful in every way;
As you go in peace, being highly favored, and being successful,
Just know that no matter what, you was always and will always be BEAUTIFUL!!!!
-Father God