Gentlemen, if you are one those guys that are single and wondering if Ms. Right exists, well, Mz. Keshia got the main solutions to that just like I have it for the ladies. I define the REAL Ms. Right as a REAL woman that does exist when you may be dreaming of. She’s the type that’s sent from God above that every single man should be praying for.

So, now that I’ve given some examples, I will give you some qualities of choosing the RIGHT one wisely, and Ladies, you might want to take notes (biblical terms).


WOMAN #1: Mrs. Bathsheba

Gentlemen, you remember her story? You should because she’s the type of woman every man be lusting for. King David would kill her husband just have her for himself. So instead of you looking at her body, use your brain and pay attention to her heart. She may be fine, but she’s a temptress so don’t tempt yourself.

WOMAN #2: Ms. Delilah

Now, this woman here is a gold-digger.  You remember her story. She was bribed by the Philistines to capture Samson. She is the most deceitful woman you can ever imagine. Stay away from women like her, guys.

WOMAN #3: Ms. Drusilla

This woman is the Bible’s Most Famous temptress that you don’t get to hear too much about. If any woman that’s stopping you from seeking God diligently, avoid her. She can definitely be a piece of work.

WOMAN #4: Mrs. Jezebel

Gentlemen, you heard the saying, “Carry yourself like a queen, and you’ll attract a king. Carry yourself like a hoe, and see how far you’ll go.” Well, guys, that lets you know that a lot of women that are like Jezebel. She may be beautiful, to you, but don’t be fooled when you out that she’s the She-Devil in disguise. Trust me, you really don’t want to eat any of the fruits she bears because she is poisonous!!

WOMAN #5: Mrs. Potiphar

Now this is the woman you really need to stay away from. She’ll do anything to get what she wants. Knowing that she’s married, she did the worse thing anybody would do, and that’s being a liar and bringing the law in on her lies just to ruin your life and your reputation. Be careful with women like her, guys.

Now that I’ve kept it 100 on the qualities of Ms. Wrong, let’s talk about the qualities of Ms. Right.


WOMAN #1: Mrs. Esther

Gentlemen, if you want to be treated like a king, you must treat a woman like a queen. But on the real deal, you should know the game of true love. It’s like playing a game of chess.

A queen like Esther should do anything to protect her king like Xerxes because her king is afraid of losing his queen. She may be Persia’s Top Queen, but she is one the famous women in the Bible.

WOMAN #2: Mrs. Ruth

You may not find a woman in the city, but you may find her in the country out in the fields of wheat. This woman is such a gentle and kind woman who is no stranger to hard work as well as caring for her loved ones like her mother-in-law. Trust me, you have to be a Boaz for a virtuous woman and remind her that she’s worth more than rubies, and she is another one of the famous woman in the Bible, too.

WOMAN #3: Mrs. Deborah

Now this woman, she is independent who is the 4th Judge of Israel and a Prophetess of God. You know her story, guys. To pray for an independent woman like Deborah who is doing something productive with her life, you better work hard to hold on to her.

WOMAN #4: Mrs. Hannah

This woman have the same status like Sarah and Rebecca: childless. But once she prayed to God to bless her with a child, she did what a mother would do, and that’s giving her son Samuel back to God. If you want to have a wonderful family of your own, pray about it and God will bless you for it because once you get your blessing, make sure that you don’t owe God anything. Find a woman like her that will give herself to God and you do the same because that’s all God wants. He wants you all to Himself! Believe that!

WOMAN #5: Mrs. Mary

This is a blessed and highly favored woman is the Mother of God’s Beloved Son! Even though she was young, she was chosen by God. She is loving and caring woman who was married to a carpenter. When she knew that her precious Lamb had died on the Calvary’s cross, she believed that her Son demonstrated what love is!

Now that I’ve introduced you to 5 traits of Ms. Right, understand that Godly women like her, don’t need be the woman who needs a man. But to be the woman a man needs. With that being said, the REAL Ms. Right should be the woman that every man should be praying for!


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