Tea Talk Thursday: Confessions of a Single Lady Part 1

Y’know something?
A few hours earlier I was feeling sad and I wanted so much to be happy but I started to realize what my problem was. I was too busy looking at other people’s lifestyles instead of seeking God earnestly as I was supposed to. I was shaken so hard I had to get a reality check! From that moment on, I found myself doing 2 things all at the same time: I was having a conversation with God and typing up a story about the conversation that I’ve had with Him. After that, I learned a REAL valuable lesson God taught me. I need to stop looking at what other people are doing and look at what I got right in front of ME. I mean, whatever it is they’re doing with their life, regardless of what it is, it’s none of my business but theirs. The only business that I need tend to is Mine and God’s. God has a plan, a path, and purpose just for me. Based on the conversation I had with my Father (God), He has given me reason not to look all down and out like because He reminded me that in due time, He is going to bless me with 2x as much of my heart’s desire. He pointed out Job’s situation. Job lost everything he had and as much as he waited on God, God had blessed Job with 2x as much as he had before. God also pointed out one of Jesus’ miracles and that was miracle that He performed when He fed 5,000 hungry souls from the little boy’s lunch he brought. That lets me know that if God can bless Job 2x as much and if He can also perform a 5,000-hungry-souls kind of miracle, I know for myself that He do the same for me and everyone else because I KNOW that I AM NOT in this thing along. So my encouragement to everybody, including myself, Stop looking at what’s going on with other people. Thank God that He’s not through with YOU & live out of your passion! Our happiness and confidence do not depend on the decisions on men. And neither does the power of God.God is interested in your happiness,not misery.May you find favor & happiness before God & Men in Jesus name!! Amen 🙌🙏


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