Father & Daughter Conversation

Father: My Daughter, take a minute to sit down. I want to talk to you
Daughter: (sits down)
Father: Now, is something troubling you, My Daughter?
Daughter: No, Father. It’s nothing.
Father: Daughter, please. I am the LORD God, the King of Kings and I am also a concerned
and patient Father that loves you too much to see you down like this.
Daughter: Well, Father, I am sad, worried, and miserable.
Father: Why? What is it you wanted?
Daughter: All I ever wanted was to be Happy, Father. I mean, every time I see others living happy lives having it all such as a happy relationship/marriage, great job, perfect families of their own, and they even get to travel a lot to see different places and faces. And why? Why can’t I be happy just like that?
Father: Ah-ha! So that’s what bothering you. My Daughter, you don’t have no idea what all the others have been through to get to where they are now.
Daughter: I just wished I had a happy life, Father. That’s all. (hung her head down and cried)
Father: Now, now. Don’t go looking like that, My little flower. I’m not a genie and I don’t grant wishes. And you know that. In due time, I’m going to bless you as twice as much of the desires of your heart, too.
Daughter: When, Father? When? You know I’ve been trying so hard. I’ve been praying harder as I could. I’ve been faithful of serving. When will I ever get what my heart’s desire?
Father: In MY timing, my dear. In My perfect timing.
Daughter: You know I’m trying to cling on to Your promises, Father. I mean, if only You’d blessed me with what I asked for, everything will be fine with me.
Father: Now, you see? That’s where my children makes the mistake. You can’t rush Me to bless you with what you want just make yourself feel better. Get YOURSELF together first, then I’ll bless you with what you ask of me. (extends His hands) Come, my dear. Come to Father.
Daughter: (sat beside Him and weeping)
Father: (comforts her and rocked her in His arms) There, there. Daughter?
Daughter: Yes, Father?
Father: Do you remember my servant Job?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Do you know the story?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: What did Job do when he lost everything he had, my dear?
Daughter: Well. (sniffles) Job didn’t sin and he didn’t blame you for what happened. He tore his robe, shaved his head, threw himself on the ground and worshiped, saying: “The LORD gaveth, and the LORD taketh away; Blessed be the name of the LORD!”
Father: Now, when all the damaged has been done, what did I do at the end of Job’s story?
Daughter: You’ve blessed Job twice as much of what he had before.
Father: That’s right, my dear. Now look into my eyes.
Daughter: (looks up)
Father: I want you to have the same attitude just like my servant Job had. I want to you WAIT just like him. Do you remember the miracle that my Son did when a little boy gave his lunch to Jesus to feed the 5,000 hungry souls? Hmm?
Daughter: Yes, Father. I remembered it very well.
Father: Well that’s EXACTLY my point. Now, if I can bless Job with twice as much as he had before, I’ll do the same for You. Even if my Son can perform that kind of miracle, TRUST ME, I still can do the same for you, too. So, My Daughter, do you trust me?
Daughter: (looks up, smiles, and nodded) Yes, Father. I trust You with all my heart.
Father: (smiled) That’s my little princess!
Daughter: I love you, Father. (Hugs Him)
Father: I love you too, my little Princess (Hugs her)

End of Conversation


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