Who Is My Greatest Influence???

If I had only one person whom I have admired to be my greatest influences,
it would be my sister, business partner and my true friend Ms. Erika V. Harrison of Simply The Dime Blog Talk Radio.

The reason why I chose Erika as my greatest influence because she’s such a wise person that has so much to give. She is a great, positive role model for anyone can look up to for guidance, kindness, and wisdom. Ever since last year, I was very fortunate to be one of Erika’s social followers and I even felt very blessed to finally meet each other face to face this year!

To be honest, God works in mysterious ways that allowed us to become friends and business partners for her very own company. Because of God’s goodness, Erika was very fascinated by my gifts and my sparkling spirit, she was real benevolent enough to offer me to do interviews with her and to allow me to be her graphic designer for behind the scenes of her company.

It was such a phenomenal experience to be surrounded by people like Erika when it comes to learning things like businesses, relationship statuses, friendships and so much more. I mean, she’s like a guidance counselor of Simply The Dime University. Whenever you need some advice about anything, Erika has no problem of keeping it real.

What I really admire about Erika is that she a Godly sister that knows her worth and she’s very humble when it involving faith in God. She’s truly the blessing that inspired me and others to be a better entrepreneur, a better sister, and a better friend. As much as I enjoyed tuning in to her interviews, Erika has taught me a valuable lesson that I’ll never forget: “When God gives you a vision, He’ll give you the provision.”

Inspiring heroes everywhere, touching people’s lives and being great influences to young people and older people, and that’s why I’m proud and honored to be inspired by Ms. Erika Harrison as my greatest influence.


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