Be GRATEFUL for what GOD gave you

Before I do anything that I am very passionate in, I’d like to keep it real about this one thing that popped in my mind: Being GRATEFUL for what GOD gave you. Now, I know you probably thinking to yourselves that I wish you had what you see other people have such as: a husband/wife, a house on a hill, a brand-new car, new clothes/shoes, new career, and much more.
But here’s what’s most troubling most of us. We be complaining about the things that certain people have when there’s some people are in need of things for themselves. To really shine a little more light into that, We ALL should be grateful enough to count our own blessings to see what all God has done for us.
I mean, that’s EXACTLY the problem with us now! Every time you read the newspapers or watching the news, you saw people dying everywhere, some are homeless, some don’t have jobs, some are innocent behind bars, and some that are starving with no food. I’m like this: What gives any of us the right complain about anything?! Even though times are tough, God has always blessed us with MORE than enough! God has NEVER stopped being good, we’ve just stop being grateful. It’s just plain and simple.
None of us shouldn’t be looking down on anybody so our best out is to be grateful for what we got and abilities God blessed us with. I mean, It’s just POINTLESS to be jealous of somebody else’s blessings. the thing is, Jealous people count the blessings of others instead of their own. God meant JUST what He said. He said don’t desire your neighbor’s things. Still don’t get the picture? Then Read Exodus 20:17 and you’ll get to it in 3D HD of God is talking about.
Be Grateful that God blessed you with life! If you aren’t happy with what you GOT, you’ll never be happy with what you get.If you sincere and grateful with what you got, God will bless you with more!
That’s the REAL tea!!
So there!!


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