Real Tea Talk: Why Can’t People Mind Their Own Business and Be About OUR FATHER’S Business?!

Y’know what I’m in the mood for? KEEPING IT REAL!!!
I feel like the prophet Jeremiah, I can’t hold my peace!! I just can’t!!
Here’s what bothering me at this point. I am starting real fed up with people asking me the same questions every time I turn around. “Are you working?” “Found you a job yet?” “Do you have a husband?” Those are the main questions almost EVERYBODY asking me all the time. I mean, it sounded like I’m being put on the witness stand for the prosecuters to ask me 21 Questions or perhaps I’m being taken to the high priests for trial like the Christ went through. I don’t understand why is it that everybody always wanted to ask me questions like these instead of asking me something else. With these questions like these that people been asking me, it all sounded like they’re saying “Why is it that you don’t have a job, Wykeshia? Why you don’t have a husband? You’re such a beautiful, intelligent young lady. Why can’t you do something to better yourself? The only way for people to stop asking you about getting a job or a husband is by finding a job and a husband. Why is that?” All this is starting to make me feel like I’m nothing. My flesh always gets the best of me but I’m trying so hard just to TRUST God. I mean, He knows what my heart desires so why do I allow people to be all up in my business instead of being about their own business? To me, that’s what REALLY gets me. Truth is, I am NOT the only one who doesn’t certain things that other people have. As I previously posted before, I’m tired of hearing people bragging about what they got and not telling me HOW they got it. I mean, just because you’re living ghetto fabulous with a money-making job, having all these fancy cars, perfect marriage, etc. that does NOT mean I can get all that. My God, if you REALLY wanna know why I don’t have what you have, do YOURSELF a favor. ASK GOD!! Ask Our Father In Heaven about why I don’t have a job. Ask God why I don’t have a husband. Ask God those questions!! That has NOTHING to do with me. With all this pressure that’s all over my shoulders, I DON’T control the fact that I don’t have a job, a husband or anything in particular. Plus, I don’t need people to remind me that my family ain’t going to live forever to take care of me because I got enough common sense in my own head to know that. Look on the bright side, they got some young folks and old folks that doesn’t have no jobs and they ended up dying too soon so why remind me about that? I DON’T MEAN NO HARM OF WHAT I’M POSTING, but I just got to keep it real because like Michael Jackson, “I’ve Already Had Enough!” Another one of my greatest wish is that everybody should be about OUR FATHER’S BUSINESS instead of being about somebody else’s business. Even mine. Now, look. I DO have a job: I’m the CEO of Wykeshia’s Creations and I am the Founder of my campaigning page God’s Diamond 4 LIFE, and yes, I am God’s employee and MY JOB is to take care of the possibilities and let God take care of the impossibilities. I DO have a husband that’s LIVES in the future and he’s being TRAINED by my FATHER to be the kind of husband God wanted me to have. Anything else you want to know about my life? If you’re that much concerned about me? TAKE IT TO THE KING, and let HIM handle it. Yeah, you can say that I’m this and I’m that and you wasn’t expecting that coming from me, but I’m ONLY keeping it real. I’m just being honest with myself. I’m smart, I’m talented, I work hard, I PRAY hard, and I’m a good person. Yes, I believe I’m ALL that and a bag of chips because everything that I am is ALL BECAUSE OF GOD! Now if I allow myself to be like the others, hunh, I guess I’d be a battery-operated robot. I have the SAME attitude like Miss Robbie Montgomery has: “If you don’t see me in the obituary in the newspapers, that lets you know I’m doing fine.” If you don’t see me in a work uniform with a name tag attached, that means I am not working in anybody company. If you don’t see an engagement ring on my finger nor a wedding event being mentioned in the newspaper, that lets you know that I’m single. With all that being said, I’m going to continue to my thing in the glory of God and I will NOT stop at NOTHING to get to where HE wanted to be. With all this pressure that was being on my shoulders, I didn’t called myself the DIAMOND PRINCESS for nothing!! I’m being called that because of the pressure was put on me and that’s God’s way of getting the BEST out of me. It’s HIS way of getting the praise out of my life. Now, THAT is my testimonial tea!! I’m Done!! Period point blank!!


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