What Fictional Animal I Would Be???

If there’s a fictional animal I’d rather be, it’s Jewel the Unicorn.
I chose to be Jewel the Unicorn because I was very fascinated by the sparkling story about a magical unicorn that can turn all things into beautiful gems with the tip of her horn. It has been my favorite story since I was in middle school in January 1999 and still is my favorite that inspired me to be the Diamond Princess that I am.

It all started when Jewel was in the meadow planning to visit her friends. But to get to her destination, she always leave a little sparkle wherever she goes. But when the day gets dark, the moon shines on the gems that Jewel had left that’ll guide her way home.

Honestly, I believe Jewel had taught lesson just like I learned, and that is to always leave a little sparkle wherever I go. Also, Jewel learned not to let anyone or anything dull her sparkle because she is not afraid to let herself shine as the jewel that she is.

In closing, Jewel the Unicorn is the perfect animal that I’d rather be and its all because I sparkled like a jewel that’s meant to shine!



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