Mother’s Day Bible Challenge: Faithbook

*Imagine that the mothers of the Bible have Facebook in 2,000 B.C. and test yourself to see how much you know about the mothers of the Bible. Good Luck!!!*

1.) @______________________
I am the mother of a prophet who I have prayed for.
Once I was conceived, I vowed to give my son back to God for the service of the Shiloh priests.
My son’s name is Samuel.

Who is the mother of Samuel?

2.) @_____________________
I am the mother of many nations just like God has promised to me and my husband Abraham.
When the angel said that I was to have a son, I laughed thinking, “After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?” When I finally given birth, I named my son Isaac.

Who is the Mother of Issac?

3.) @_____________________
As the wife of Uriah the Hittite, I’ve became the wife of King David. When Uriah was killed, I was with child until it became very sick and died a few days after birth. In David’s old age, I secured the succession to the throne of my son King Solomon.

Who is the mother of King Solomon?

4.) @_____________________
I am a Moabites daughter-in-law to a Judean widow named Naomi. As I became her comfort and her joy, I decided to glean in the fields where I met Boaz. We were married and we were blessed to have a son named Obed and I am the great grandmother of King David as well.

Who is the mother of Obed and great grandmother of David the king?

5.) @______________________
I am the wife of a priest who have doubted that we were going to have a son in our old age.
My son was the one who was preaching in the wilderness and telling people about the Messiah was coming to under himself the sins of the world. My son is named John the Baptist.

Who is the Mother of John of the Baptist?

6.) @_____________________
As I was young virgin, I never thought I’d be the Chosen mother of a Messiah!
When he was young, I was looking all over the temple for him. He would tell me
“It is time that I must be about my Father’s business.” I was so amazed by him. I was there when my son gave his life on the cross and my beloved son’s name is Jesus.

Who is the mother of Jesus?

7. @__________________________
I am Jacob’s favorite wife, a mother of two, and was prophesied by Jeremiah.
The first born son I’ve given birth was named Joseph, which his language means “May God give me another son” and He did gave me another son named Benjamin, and I died giving birth to him.

Who is the mother of Joseph and Benjamin?

(Will be back with answer key)


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