Men, Women, and Money

“More Money, More Problems”, that’s exactly what the saying is.

I don’t know what song that came from, but it is true. The issue within our society is that a lot of people are going bananas when it comes to dollars. Some said they don’t need money that bad, and some said they had to get it while’s it hot.

Truth of the matter is people with enough common sense in their mind knows that money don’t a thing and it surely can make you a slave. But the REAL problem is too many ladies are using men just because of some dollar signs they see or hear about. No offense, because I am a female myself, I’m just keeping it real since no one ain’t going to keep it real, I will.

You got ladies going after successful men that are rappers, singers, athletes, preachers, even multimillionaires. They’re not really concerned how they guys look, the ladies are

Only concerned about the ones with dollars. Yeah, that’s right, you guessed it: Gold-diggers. To make it a little bit more relevant, the world is full of gold-diggers and it needs more go-getters which means if there’s anything you want or need in life, work for it and go get it yourself don’t wait for anybody to give it to you.

Just picture this: You have a boyfriend that’s trying his very best to give you what need instead of what you want. He’s been working hard day in and day out at 9:00 to 5:00 bringing money to house and all do is complain and whine about he can’t give you what you really want such as expensive jewelry, Mercedes-Benz, minks, all the material stuff you like that you don’t really need, you are not working, and you expect him to pay for everything that your money should be handling. Now, do you get my point?  The point I’m making is that ladies should be independent enough to make money on their own without using men to pay for anything like the car note, light bills, rent, everything. It’s just like Lynn Whitfield’s character Josephine Baker said that makes REAL sense, “If you want something done, don’t go trusting no man to do it” and trust me, that’s real.

Don’t think for one minute that some ladies are gold-diggers. They got men out there that are gold-diggers too. Just picture this: You are his girlfriend that’s doing something productive with your life such as working full time at million dollar company, going to school part-time, got your own roof over head, and making sure your expenses are paid on time. And what does he do? Sit at home, using your car all day long without filling up the tank, not getting job, and treating himself like a child. Now you see what I’m talking about?

Everybody ought to know that greed is one of the seven deadly sins and the love of money is the root of all evil as well. I mean, let’s get real! Men, learn how to your brain to stop impressing ladies with your pockets full of money. It’s fine with your wives but you don’t have to show off with the ladies just to get their attention because there are some ladies that doesn’t care if you have money or not. The only thing they care about is you and your heart, not your pockets nor your wallets. Ladies, you are more than your assess and more than what you are worth. Learn to how carry yourselves like queens to have minds of an independent go-getter, not a gold-digger. I mean, if you want money to pay bills, stop using men to pay for your expenses. Men are not bankers so go out and make money of your own. I don’t care if you’re working at Sleep Inn Hotel or self-employed, just as long as you’re doing something productive with your life to make money on your own so that you wouldn’t have to worry about using men for money.

As I close, Ladies, stop giving men money unless they are your husband. And maybe not even then. Real men don’t ask women for money.


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