Is It Appropriate To Wear Tiaras To Church?????

In my own words, I do not find anything inappropriate of wearing tiaras to church.
Now the way all the women who wear scarves, hats, chapel caps and headbands as they attend churches, what’s so wrong with wearing hair jewelry such as tiaras to the House of God?

As true as this sounds, wearing tiaras to church for weddings is really unique. But when it comes with special events involving church , a beautiful tiara would be extra unique to be worn as an ornament for every women’s hairstyles to be well-fixed for church.

A tiara is more than just a crown; it gives true meaning to the words “elegance”, “grace”, and “sophistication”. Personally, I’ve worn a petite tiara to church sometimes, and I found nothing wrong with it at all. Spiritually, a tiara is still a crown that’s basically
spoken by Paul and John as a symbol of victory in Christian living (Matt. 27:29; II Tim. 4:8; Rev. 2:10).
Therefore, it doesn’t make any difference on what’s appropriate for hair accessories to be allowed in God’s house just as long as we come to worship Him.

diamond-tiara (1)


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