Does Disney Discriminate Against Single People?

Thought Catalog

I’m a fan of the Disney franchise. Disney raised me. When people ask who my parents are I respond, “Hercules and Buzz Lightyear.” OMG TWO BOYS?!

As a 20-something I can look back and vividly remember these various movies. I was there when Aladdin and Jasmine bravely took their iconic magic carpet ride, I was there when Mufasa died tragically (RIP), and I was there when Hans selfishly broke Anna’s heart. Are you crying yet? Same.

Yet, as life-changing as these films were for us, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye to the controversy that has been associated with the Disney brand.

Through Disney’s historic run they’ve been accused of racism, sexism, manipulation, and not asking me to be in any movies. ALL of these accusations, yes, every single one of them, are hard to ignore – but much like Kristen Stewart’s career, most of us have chosen to…

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