A Curvaceous Girl (sonnet)

There was a young girl with a larger, curvy body,
She lived with her mother and sister,
The mother loved the big girl‟s sister more because she’s skinny,
And the mother wished the other wasn’t her daughter.

The big girl has abused verbally by others,
She‟s been living in hell all her life being cruel,
Her classmates were throwing things at her,
And in this society, people treated her like a footstool.

Everyday she asked herself, “Why am I fat and not pretty?”
Her sister said “Because the thin people looked better than you!”
Even the mother said, “Nobody wants you ’cause you‟re what you eat!”
The tears flow from the big girl‟s eyes and she felt like it‟s true.

As she walked down the street,
She had her head hanging down,
When she saw a picture of Richgirl in bikinis,
The poor girl started to cry and frowned.

Things got real worse when the girl started dieting,
The big girl was frustrated dealing with gimmicks,
Over and over she kept trying and trying and trying,
Until she suddenly got fed up „cause she‟s still thick.

Mall after mall she shopped for clothes,
She sees that no big girls are in sight,
“It‟s hopeless when being around skinny bones”,
She thought to herself as she took a bite.

One special night, the girl went to a ball,
All the boney girls were lusting on one heartthrob,
The guy stared at the most beautiful big girl of all,
And he treated the boney girls like dumb doorknobs.

As him and the girl danced, he felt a connection,
But the girl started to doubt herself about her weight,
The guy said “Stop doubting! I found no disconnections”,
And that’s when “Curvaceous” became her name!

Now that life as a Curvy girl was her big lesson,
The girl realized that she‟s a top notch curvy chick,
As the girl‟s family felt pretty bad about what happen,
All the girl could say “I feel good being thick!”

What this big girl went through was a real journey,
For she knows that deep down she‟s curvaceous and well,
Beyond all, there‟s one thing that she‟s been learning:
Life as a Big Girl is way Bigger than a number on a scale.


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