Confessions of a Curvaceous Girl

The Creator created me as a big girl,
I’m the most curvaceous girl on Earth.
Maintaining my curves is my desire,
For I’ve had more for me to inspire.

I’m honored to be slightly larger,
With a massive mind to think smarter.
I’m not wasting time doing any dieting,
For I have bigger bones that’s multiplying.

Thick is the new thin with a reason,
I’m a big black girl born to a legacy of big black women.
I’ve been abused and I’ve been done so wrong,
Yet, I’m still standing, still strong.

I don’t want to have to eat lettuce,
I’d rather be a chubby cute doll of the cabbage patch.
A body I got is filled with many curves,
I’m healthy as always with calories to burn.

Since the boneys handled theirs, now it’s my turn,
And now these boneys are gonna learn.
Like Gloria, I’d please a man and I’ll cook,
And like Heavy Vee, I don’t need a hook.

I’m a phatty girl with a Donkey Kong that bounces,
Regardless if I weigh 225 pounds.
I’m a Rumpshaker that can shake, rattle, & roll,
And I earn respect ‘cause I was a stone.

I know I act up with a drink in my cup,
Of course I’m a big fine lady bagging that thang up.
I’ve got many haters hating on me,
Because they wish I was a carrot ‘stead of meat.

I’ve been called fat, porky, anything they think of,
But still, I strut, rock my stuff.
I wrote this poem with curvy passion,
‘Cause these are my real curvy confessions.


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