Who Is Mz. Keshia?

Wykeshia McCallister, b.k.a. Keshia, 28, born in Zachary, Louisiana, and raised in Clinton, Louisiana. Grew up as a God-fearing, talented lady with a love for creativity, poetry, and most of all, God. Mz. Keshia grew up singing and playing the tambourine, and worship dancing in her church and grade schools.

In 2006, she was a Salutatorian of Second Chance Academy. In June 2010, she graduated from St. Amant Academy, and in December 2010 she graduated from Louisiana Technical College as well.

Throughout the hard trials and tribulations, Mz. Keshia is greatly known as the Diamond Princess of Inspiration. She had eventually started her own business on August 16, 2013. During that time, she first made a good success by creating church programs for choir anniversary at church and everyone were very amazed by her marvelous works.

Although It was challenging, but Wykeshia always keep her faith up and her small business lifted up in prayer. In December of 2014, Wykeshia created the first logo for one of her social media clients. Even though she hasn’t done logos before, but she made great progress. Immediately, Wykeshia’s Creations was created her very own logo: WC with diamond studs on both letters. “It’s not abbreviated as W.C. for bathroom. It’s a logo that represents classiness, creativity, and professionalism to inspire others,” explains Wykeshia.

During the time, Wykeshia was offered to do a very first radio interview with Simply The Dime Blog Talk Radio who is owned by Ms. Erika Harrison a.k.a. Rika Dime and immediately became partners with Simply The Dime.

Wykeshia’s passions are poetry, blogging, singing, playing the tambourine, graphic design, listening to Simply The Dime, learning more about the word of God, and being a Rainbow in everybody’s cloud. Her hopes and dreams aspire Mz. Keshia to be a successful entrepreneur, and whatever her plans are is in God’s Hands.

Favorite Scripture:
Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15


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