DD4L: Real Talk on the Recap of BDD (Baby Dancing Dolls)

I feel a little angry and real devastated by the whole matter. Quincy is behaving the same way that John is acting. I mean, all the trash talks, stupid stuff with the garbage can, and grilled doll, and all I kept thinking, “Was any of THAT caused for? I mean, do you think for 1 minute that it’s FUN to come up with these schemes and still win?”



Basically, I believe all that with Quincy and his team are hurting the Baby Dancing Dolls’ feelings, to be honest. Really, I love the Baby Dancing Dolls and they’re really amazing, but i just don’t appreciate the baby tigerettes coming up with these schemes. I mean, in my eyes, it looked like the Baby Dancing Dolls are being bullied and when the baby tigerettes did what they did and won by a fluke (the judges’ favorite), that has left the worst taste in the BDD’S mouths! I understand that this is just a competition but I feel like it should be done descent and in order. Period.



As for Quincy, he can go ahead and all the trash he want but as far as I’m concerned, he oughta take his punkinsh behind over yonder and compete with John’s team since they BOTH like talking ish about the Dancing Dolls and the Baby Dancing Dolls.

Coaches John, Dianna, and Quincy

Through it all, the Baby Dancing Dolls are the BEST just like the their big sisters, and no matter what, They ALL are 1st Place Champs. And as for Quincy, he can do this one like John can do: put the SHUT to the UP!! Enough said! D to the D to the 4 to the L!!!!



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