DD4L: What’s Happening with the H. D. I. C. and the Diva

Ever since BRING IT! first appeared on Lifetime, it has been an enormous experience to everyone to enjoy and still is today. Things was always they seem when it all comes down to the nitty-gritty between 2 dance team coaches in the state of Mississippi: Coach D of the Dancing Dolls a.k.a. the H.D.I.C. (Head Doll In Charge) and Neva of the Divas of Olive Branch who calls herself the “Diva”.

As you may remembered on Season 1, the Dolls and the Divas first competed and things was real upsetting for Coach D and her squad when they lost against Neva and her squad by a fluke. To do add more fuel to the fire, they even won at the Battle Royale, which was shown as a season finale. Truth was things was “supposedly” going great until something stinky happened when BRING IT! Reunion came on. Neva has done the most cruelest and coldest thing that anybody could do to people like Dianna: bringing about Dianna’s past and trying with all her might to use it against Dianna. To be real honest, I find Neva to be downright ignorant, pathetic, and yes, disrespectful. Needless to say, that really hurted Dianna to her core, even though she made it real clear that she’s over her past.

Moving on to Season 2, that’s when all the beef still continues.

I thought the comment Neva made was funny….Neva says she’s a Diva. Divas don’t act like her and she teaches her girls to be disrespectful by turning their backs on their opponents. That is not diva behavior. According to Kimora Lee Simmons, she defines a DIVA as the woman you see on the red carpet, rockin’ it in the Gucci pumps and rolling in the Mercedes coup. Neva’s just a 2nd Rate Diva who can’t sustain. I don’t see how Neva can be so jealous over the fact that Queen D is the secret weapon for the Dolls in the competition and they’ve won. Apparently, Neva is so vindictive, she forgotten that her and them Stinky Divas won by a fluke and got away with it. Like the Head Doll In Charge said, “Neva, take a big scoop of them words, and eat ’em!”

Neva has just proving the point that she’s an attention-getter. As for Dianna, she’s a go-getter. To break it down, attention is for girls, respect is for women, which means Real women, like Dianna, NEVER crave for attention, instead Real women is always interested in earning respect.  That means, Girls compete with each other, and Women empowers one another. To prove the point…Even though Dianna is the H.D.I.C. (Head Doll In Charge), she is considered as a Diamond that does NOT step down just because cubic zirconias like Neva the Diva, are getting more attention which clearly explains why Dianna don’t compromise her values or standards. As far as I’m concerned, Neva is not hurting anybody but herself because the main ones grabbing the most attention be the main ones getting hurt the most.

Neva brags too much, talk trash too much, and way too disrespectful! I completely don’t have no respect for her and them Stinky Divas because they are disgusting!! I don’t see how Neva talking about how she tries to set an example for the girls by simply calling the Dancing Dolls b***hes. I mean, hell, it’s like an unfit mother would raise a bunch daughters to call other people b***hes!! It seems to me that KARMA really did come back Neva’s a%@ as well as them Stinky Divas. They may have won the Battle Royale, but they didn’t win last year and got disqualified this year. Ms. D and the Dancing Dolls got talents, class, and sense. Neva and them stinky Diva ain’t got no talents, no class, and no sense whatsoever!!

Now Neva can go ahead on and say that Dianna thinks she’s all that, but guess what. Dianna IS all that and a bag of chips. Everything that she is, it’s all because of God!! God made Dianna who she is, and like a DD4L fan said, Neva is the diva who thinks she’s better than everybody. Well, like Effie White said, She ain’t better than anybody, She ain’t nothing but common (I’m talking about Neva). All I know is that I have 100% R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Queen D because is setting a great example for the Dancing Dolls so Neva might as well grow up, stop acting like a spoiled-immature-sorority girl and set a better example for the Divas. I’m just keeping it real!!

What I admire about Coach D is that she taught me a valuable lesson, and that is to accept my past. I know that she’s not the only one with a past. I know I do just like everybody else, and once you accept your past or your flaws, nobody can use them against you. Basically, it’s like saying ‘if you wanna talk about my past, well look at me now.’ Believe it or not, they got people who are like lions in a den and to get where God wants you to be, you have to sleep with them. I mean, if Daniel can do it, you can too. Now that’s real!

Honestly, I figured if Neva would shut up and be a woman enough to tell Dianna that she was wrong for what she did, things would be fine. But at the same time, God is not sleep and He will take care of this madness and Karma is going to come back and bite Neva. Believe that!

Real talk!!!

D to the D to the 4 to the L!!!



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