Keepin’ It Real with DD4L

Peace be with you all, DD4L!
Yesterday was Sunday but I want to do share something with you that I KNOW it’ll be an amazing encouragement to every one of you. Now, Friday night I didn’t get to tune in to Bring It because I had a choir anniversary to go to at a church. When my mother got up there on the choir stand along with our choir members, she said this as I quote, “We’re gonna BRING IT!”

I thought to myself, “It’s nothing but the Spirit of God speaking out loud.” And thank God we brought it!! To get on with the point, I did get to see the show at midnight and I already from the get go that the Dancing Dolls won. As I sat there and watch how Neva continues bragging about those trophies they’ve won, knowing it’s all a fluke, she continues to underestimate Coach D and the Dancing Dolls. By that time when the Divas ended up with 2nd Place, Coach D says, “Kudos to you, Neva for standing still and standing here beside me and watching me accept these awards.” That right there proves a point that God prepares a big feast before Coach D and her squad in the presence of Neva and her squad because in order for the Dancing Dolls to be blessed, the Divas of Olive Branch have to be present to watch the Dolls eat. Why is that? It’s simple: The Dolls crave for underestimation because it feeds their motivation. Read Psalm 23:5, and you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Now, about bragging about what they’ve won, here’s the big question. “Was God in the midst when the Divas got those 2 trophies?”

Obviously, He wasn’t because that ought to teach Neva a REAL lesson that bragging what you did or what you got, without giving God all the credit, is a definite No-No. If you don’t believe me, Read Ephesians 2:9, 1 Corinthians 5:6, and James 4:16. That’ll tell you. Since Neva is good at bragging so much, I can imagine God giving her a real wake-up saying, “Do me a favor. Think about what I have done for you vs. what I you have done for Me, and see who will come short.” Now, you get what I’m saying, don’t you?! My encouragement to Coach D, the Dancing Dolls, family, friends, and fans is to remember that no matter what you’ve done or who you are, not only you must pray, but you must ALWAYS acknowledge GOD 1st and give HIM all of the credit.
Stay blessed and continue to put God first!!
D to the D to the 4 to the L!!!


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