A BEAUTIFUL Poem from God

My Daughter,
Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and tell me what you see,
You weren’t created in the beauty of the world, you were created in the Beautiful image of ME!
It was I who’ve made everything Beautiful at MY own time,
I’ve given you beauty of a gentle, quiet, which is precious in my sight;
Like my servant, King Solomon said, you are Beautiful and there is no flaw in you,
For you are a virtuous woman that’s more precious than any jewels and that no can compare to you.
Let’s be very clear, Beautiful means so much more than just hair and a pretty face,
It truly means that you’re unique and full my amazing grace;
Everything within you that go much deeper than the softness of your skin,
Are the things that make you Beautiful, both outside and within.
Get real acquainted with the real beauty secrets which I’m giving you,
Use your lip gloss as the fruit of your lips to speak the truth;
Use your mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner to paint your eyes with stars to shine brightly,
As you butter your body with cocoa and shea butters, you must know that you are dark and lovely.
I’ve anointed your head with hyssop and olive oil so that your hair can grow longer in glory,
Moisturize your touchable, softest hands with pure charity;
As you use your voice for kindness,
Understand what Timothy said about the process of being a modest.
Use your ears for compassion and always use your heart for love,
Because you are the most Beautiful gift from above!
Remember, my daughter, you must always praise me for being wonderfully made,
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you are still Beautiful in every way;
As you go in peace, being highly favored, and being successful,
Just know that no matter what, you was always and will always be BEAUTIFUL!!!!
-Father God


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