Valentine’s Day for Singles

               It’s real clear that the month of February is a special celebration of love. For the ones that are in a relationship or happily married, it’s a perfect day for them. But as for those who are divorced, broke up and ended up being single, it can be dreadfully depress them to think that Valentine’s Day is S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day). With me, as I a single lady, I will set the record straight by defining the REAL meaning of Valentine’s Day for Singles.



               When I was younger, I used to love Valentine’s Day. It’ was my favorite holiday and I even wished I was born on that day. As I grew older, I sort of taken that as no big deal. I mean, when I was in high school, they had Valentine Dance and I didn’t even go because I felt like its just boring and it don’t mean nothing to me at all. I wasn’t nobody’s high school sweetheart so I didn’t let that budge me too much. But thankfully, I have exchanged gifts to a male friend and he did the same in return. I gave him a card that I made with Omarion on it (I told him he looked like Omarion) and he gave me a coffee mug with some candy in it. Now that was real special. Even if I didn’t have a secret admirer to give me any gifts, my parents and my late grandmother given me gifts such as chocolate candies and stuffed plush animals.

In 2009, I was a hostess in a wedding on Valentine’s Day, and luckily, I caught the bouquet for the 2nd time!  In 2013, after I mourned for the loss of my loved one, I had a vase of red and pink roses from the burial. I already knew that these gorgeous flowers wasn’t going to last long so I decided to take the rose petals  and toss them into the bath tub for me to enjoy my bubble bath while I was listening to some soulful music from my favorite artists such as Bobby V and Songbird.

And, last year, I was still single and this time, my mother and I spent our quality time together. We went shopping and she was nice enough to let me pick out my own Valentine’s Day gifts at Winn-Dixie. I picked a lovely pink rose and a bag of Hershey’s Bliss white chocolates. To top it off, one of the employees has given every female a flower as a way of wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I felt so special, I thought to myself, “You know what? I don’t need to have a man to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I don’t even need a man to buy me gifts to celebrate it, either, because I can buy own my gifts for this special day.”


Now that I’ve told you my story on how I’ve experienced this special holiday as a single lady, I will now give you the following basics on how singles can enjoy Valentine’s Day without feeling depressed all day.



               Everybody knows that in order to find a loving soul mate for him or her, you have to love yourself first. It’s best to spend some time with yourself to really get know yourself before think about loving someone else. In God’s timing, that’s exactly what you should be doing right now: Work on nobody else but You!  



             Ladies and gentlemen, if you are single, you don’t need to wait a man to shower you with gift just to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. I mean, let’s be keep it real! There are plenty of things you can do to treat yourself such as: pampering yourself with bubble bath, go out with friends to a party, watch a good movie, anything that you will enjoy other than just sitting around having yourself a pity party  eating chocolate candies . C’mon now!  Look at me, I’ve already made plans on Valentine’s Day and that includes: doing graphical designs, writing poetry, have a bubble bath while listening to some slow jams, watching great movies, and yes, I’ll be buying my own gifts. See? It gives me something to and I’m not worrying about being single. It’s just plain and simple as that.



               Now, I know you probably think it’s too Christmassy or Eastery for you and you’re wondering was does that have to do with Valentine’s Day so just relax and I will tell you. Everybody needs to know that God the Father and His darling Son, Jesus are the REAL meaning of this holiday because it’s created to be a celebration of unconditional love! Truth is, Love is described in a spiritual way which tell all of us that we all should love one another just like God loved us (Matthew 22:37–39). If you want to know exactly what love is, it’s simple. Love is a Man who wipes your tears after you left Him hanging on the cross for you sins. Whenever you think about God’s love, there’s always a love story for everyone, like Boaz and Ruth, the Bible’s famous love story, for instance. So you see, ladies and gentlemen, God’s love does have a lot to do with Valentine’s Day! His love is timeless (Jeremiah 31:3), it’s greater than His anger, and it is for all His beloved creatures. God loved the world so much that He sent His own Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have life Everlasting (John 3:16), and that clearly explains that Love changes things (1 Peter 4:8) because God IS Love (1 John 4:8).



            Valentine’s Day isn’t about being single or in love it’s about how greatly blessed we are by the love of our family, friends, & God. Don’t be so upset about being single this Valentine’s Day. God is saving up someone really special for you. Valentine’s Day can be a depressing time for single people. It’s important that you don’t waste years of your life settling for wrong people and destructive lifestyles! Embrace the love of God! His love’s the ONLY love that really satisfies!  Only Jesus can fill that hole in your heart! Nothing else will fit!  He loves you just the way you are!


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