A Beautiful Love Story of God

When I was sleeping peacefully, my Father gently touched me to wake up. When I woke up, He smiled and said “Good morning, my princess.” “Good morning, Daddy”, I said. “Thank you for waking me this morning. Is it just me or am I even prettier when I sleep?” He chuckled and said, “It’s not just you, my dear, It’s all me. You’re beautiful when you sleep. Rise up now and go freshen up. I got a special breakfast waiting for you at the table.” “Alright, Daddy”, I said.

So I got up, washed up, dressed up, anointed my head with oil to style my hair, and applying my face with makeup, I asked myself in the mirror, “How does it feel to be me? Is it just me or am I even prettier when I beautify myself?” My Father heard me and said, “It’s not just you, baby girl, it’s all me. You’re beautiful because I made you in my own image. Come now, my princess. Breakfast is ready.”

Once I was freshened up, I went to the breakfast table and He prepared a wonderful feast like He’s making a buffet! As I sat down to eat, His Son Jesus smiled and said “Peace be with you, my dear. Glad you came to dine with us.” “Peace be with you, too, my Lord,” I said. “I’m so glad to be here!” “As you should be,” said Father God. Before me, my Father prepared me a plate of love, a bowl of peace, a spoon of hope, a fork of care, and a glass of prayer. I’ve really enjoyed my meal while I’m under His tender loving care. Afterward, I spend some quality time with His Son and He shared His love with me.

A few hours later, it was lunchtime. As hungry as I was, I chose to eat of God’s word and it tasted so good like I’m eating Yoplait and a slice of Scripture Cake. My Father fed me with that because that’s His way of giving me the nutrition I need. As I was eating, I asked, “Is it just me or am I ever prettier when I eat?” “You may not be perfect, but think you are to die for,” answered Jesus. “I agree to what my Son said,” says Father God, “It’s not just you. It’s all me and you are beautiful regardless of what you eat. I mean, if you are what you eat, then you are so very sweet! It pleases Me that you chose to eat what I gave you instead of eating junk food of the world, and while you’re eating your lunch, I’m giving you these vitamins I want you take.” “What kind of vitamins are these?” I asked. “These are Vitamins B1 and C.” answered Father God. “Vitamin B1 is for a Christian to ‘Be One’ and Vitamin C is for you to be ‘Courageous’.” I took the vitamins and I felt so brand new because what He said was so true!

As my day went by, my Father asked me, “Daughter, why is it that every you do something, you always ask ‘Is it just you or are you prettier than what you do?’ Hmm?” I replied, “I really don’t know, Father. I mean, am I trying to insult you? Because if I am, forgive me.” Father God smiled and said, “No, my daughter. You’re not insulting me. I know why because you’re just curious. Do you know why I keep telling you ‘it’s all Me who made you and that you are beautiful?” “No, Daddy. I don’t know why,” I replied. “Everything that you are, its all because of ME,” Father God explained. “You are BEAUTIFUL!

You are MY greatest MASTERPIECE! I know that because I’m the one who made you. I created you in my own image and I looked past your mistakes. I am only interested in what’s in your heart so be more concerned with what I think about you, than what people think about you. You know much I love you, right, baby girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, I really do,” I said nodding my head. “Your love is timeless. You loved the world so much, you’ve sent your own Son, Jesus that whosoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life.” “Yes, yes,” Father God said smiling. “Do you know exactly what LOVE is, my dear?” asked Jesus.

“Well, for one, Your Father is Love,” I answered. “That’s right, but do you REALLY know what LOVE is?” asked Father God. “Well, Love is patient, it’s kind, and it changes things”, I answered. “You are on the right track but allow me to explain what LOVE exactly really is,” said Jesus.

As soon as I can do or say anything, Jesus showed me the nail prints in His hands and feet, and I began to cry because I couldn’t believe what I’ve just saw. He gently lifted my head and dried my tears away and asked, “Now, do you truly know what LOVE is?” “Yes, I do,” I said. “Love is when you dried my tears away after I left you hanging on the cross for my sins.” Jesus smiled and hugged me. Father God looked at me smiling and said, “That’s my BEAUTIFUL daughter in whom I loved so dearly and she’s in love with my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

It was then I learned a great lesson about Love. God reminded me that I will never know what He is like. His love is great! It is greater than His anger and it is to all the beautiful creatures He have made. Because of His Love, that’s what make me BEAUTIFUL!!



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