God Over Technology

I have asked myself plenty of times “What would life would be like without any social media and cellphones?” It’s nothing but a way of asking why create new drama to add on top of the drama which we already promised. I mean, it’s good for contacting people, shopping, anything you can think of but when it comes to mess and gossip, it’s way too much!

At this point, the only social that I have are: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.

I’ve always seem to enjoy using them but once I discover some of the dark sides of social media, I’ve tried to stay away from them and the only way to stay away from things like that is simply NOT to entertain or to read whatever the individual has posted or tweeted about unless it has to do with inspiration or just stopping to say hello to me.  I don’t do games on the Internet because I figured that if I wanted to play games, I’ll do then on my computer without doing it on the Internet. To really get down to the point, technology seems to be the causes of why there is so drama and tragedies occurring day by day. I mean, it get worse when it comes someone in your family, your marriage, your relationship, your friendship, and even on your job. The best way to avoid any dark sides of using social media as well as cellphones are the following:              


It’s simple as 1, 2, 3. That’s exactly the reason why there are always drama lurking around involving your own personal business. Use your common sense to keep your life’s business to yourself. If you don’t want people knowing or talking about your business, then stop posting everything about your life on the Internet.


No offense to parents who has social media, but I believe it’s very important to protect your child while he or she is on the Internet because you’ll never know what dark sides your child will be ending up and you’d be feeling guilty completely. Young people need to be mindful enough to protect themselves by not faking their age and doing something disrespectful to hurt others. For the parents who does NOT have social media, it’s probably good for you to not have one because in the back of your minds you’re thinking, “I don’t want none of that junk. I’ve already got enough problems in my life and I don’t want no more of it.”  For the parents who DOES have social media, please be cautious. Young people, just because you got social media, that doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want on the internet. Bottom line is this: Have some respect for yourself and others. Respect your parents because they are the ones who pay for your Internet!


This is another part of the problem in this society. When a person got beef with another person for any reason just to get it off of his or her chest, they get on the internet or get on the phone and create drama. That is just P.O.D. Stupid and Childish! To help ease the pain, how about doing this? If you have something to say to that individual, say it to the person’s face. You don’t need to use any technology to post about it on the internet.


It’s best that you don’t text pictures or upload pictures that you KNOW it’ll destroy somebody’s life, marriage, relationship, friendship or reputation. I’ve seen things like that happen all the time, and it’s not just in movies. But I’ve seen them on the news. For example, (I don’t drink) If you upload drunken pictures of me on the Internet or even text people about them the morning after, I WILL disown you. So if you don’t want to be disown by me, then be smart enough not to upload them.


If you have Internet at school, at home, or office and somebody uses it, make sure you clear your browsing history because it’ll be a smart way of keeping others from finding out what exactly are you browsing, especially if it’s your best friend. An important part of any best friend’s job is to immediately clear your Internet browsing history if you die. The BEST antidote to all this madness with technology is to simply take your attention off it and start getting your attention back on God the Father!

According to Brother Trent Shelton, he kept it real about the causes of technology stating that we all need to do this: “Learn to put your phone away. Don’t be so busy looking at your screen that you can’t even see that your partner needs your attention. Learn how to spend FOCUSED quality time again. Relationships are suffering because we would rather communicate with an app, than hold a conversation with our partner. Your relationship should have your undivided attention, not the minimal amount. Technology is killing relationships because we tend to give our phone more attention than we do our partner.”  I totally agree to what Trent is talking about and I can relate to him by adding “Not only we should give our partner more attention, we all need to give God our full undivided attention.”

To add a little more Godly reality to the mix, Sister Heather Lindsey has given a word of advice involving social media, and that is to “Guard your heart.” She stated, “The danger with social media is that it gives some of the wrong people microphones. Just because you have a mic, doesn’t mean that you should be preaching. Test every spirit before you support a person. Make sure that you’re worshiping the same God through Jesus Christ.”

Now that I have given you pinpoints from what Brother Shelton and Sister Lindsey had posted on social media, I’d like a little more Godliness to the theory. Since everyone is addicted to social networking, try to start your morning off right praying a prayer. That way, you’d be at peace with yourself.

To come to a closing, start by praying this prayer:

Dear God,

Guide my fingers as I began to log on to the internet.

Able me to think before I LIKE, POST, TWEET AND FOLLOW.

SHARE your grace and mercy on the internet so that

I can become a fan of yours just to RETWEET your Word

that I will FOLLOW thee.

Don’t let me downgrade my vision to match my reality,

But let  UPGRADE my faith to match my destiny.

ENTER into my life, SCAN all of my problems,

EDIT all of my tensions, DOWNLOAD all of the solutions,

DELETE all my worries, and SAVE me.

In Jesus Name–



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