A Letter to Myself

Dear Self,
I know that I’m not perfect and I’ve sinned,
But I’m still loved by the LORD from deep within.
I have so much lessons to learn from all my mistakes,
So just because I sinned and came short of His glory doesn’t mean I’m fake.
Yeah, I admit that I’ve behaved like a foolish, self-centered woman,
I may have done all of dirt but I’m forgiven;
I may have been through hell all my life but I’m still standing,
I may have some scars on my body but I’m healing.
I’ve made bad decisions but I’ve made decisions
And in spite of all my wrongdoings, HE restores me joy and salvation.
Every day and night, on my knees I pray,
To not allow my labor, my living, my singing, my giving, and my praying to be in vain;
I am a 27 year old daughter of the King of kings who have denied herself,
Because I learned how to do bad all by myself;
I’ve lived the life of Wykeshia Lavel McCallister,
Nobody could’ve live that life but me because I’m one of God’s precious creatures.

I Love You but my FATHER loves me BEST!!!

Yours truly,
The Woman In The Mirror


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