“Ain’t You A Woman?” ( Letter To My 28 Year Old Self )

This is what I wrote to myself when I was 26 years old and now I am 28 years of age.
I have on question for you and I want you to think as the strong sista
by the name of Sojourner Truth. Ain’t you a woman? Look at you!
Look at this  1 Samuel 16:7 image your Father have created!
He’s the reason why He got it worth it to put you on Earth.
Now, ain’t you a woman? It’s true that you were born in sin,
but you are Song of Solomon 1:5 that’s born to a legacy of black women. 
Now, ain’t you a woman? You were raised to be Job 33:4 and you’ve grown by grace
and Hebrews 11:1 Now, ain’t you a woman?
If only you can imagine that the Begotten Son can relate to this, you know what He’d say? He’d say,
“Daughter, like I’ve told Sista Mary about what I knew, I tell it to you.Your sins, 
and I know that there are many, but because of your faith, it saved you.
Now, ain’t you a woman? Life can careless on whether or not you got God-given talents
or how your life is! But what’s important is finding your own shoes.
Where are your shoes, Princess? WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES, PRINCESS?! 
I’m not talking about stiletto pumps! The shoes I’m talking about is
not only Gospel shoes that fits a Woman Warrior!
I’m talking about finding your FAITH!!!! 
Now, ain’t you a woman?
Look at your beauty, your personality, and your stature!
You are the most rarest gift from the Master!
And like His Mother, you are blessed and highly favored!
Do you remember the old spiritual, AMAZING GRACE,
“I once was lost but now I’m found”?
Princess, You’ve found the Woman in the Mirror and I’m so proud of you!
I never known a strong sista like you can be so Proverbs 31:10
to Matthew 5:16! My love is too spiritual to have it thrown back into my face.
Tell me, ain’t you a woman?! Yes, you are!! Why? Because you are a Child of the King!!!!!
Peace be with you always,
Sista Wykeshia

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