My Own Treasusres

First and foremost, I must know and understand that I am wonderfully made in the image of God and accepted Christ as my King, God gave me plenty of gifts where I am: Forgiven of all my sins, loved now and eternally, cherished, as God’s own child, and completely and utterly accepted.

As far as being God’s child, I can always ask the Father anything. When it comes to having material things, great wealth and a better lifestyle, I got to read between the lines to determine which one I would choose because in Matthews 19:21 Jesus advised the rich young ruler that in order to have eternal life and treasure in heaven, he has to sell everything he has and give it to the poor and also to follow Jesus because He taught all of us that we can’t serve two (2) masters: God and money.

Now, even though I am single without being in a relationship or married, I’ve learned that I must value my virtue. According to Song of Solomon 4:12, it tells about every girls’, including myself, precious gifts: *You are like a private garden, my treasure, my bride! You are a spring that no one else can drink from, a fountain of my own*. If you read the line where it said about his “spring”: *no one else can drink from it*, it’s referring to her virginity and it is a treasure she will share only with him.

But if you really want to know more of where my treasure is, here’s some scriptures that will solve this mystery.

*For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also*. (Matthew 6:21 & Luke 12:34)

*In whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. *(Colossians 2:3)


God is Love,



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