How Do I Deal With The Struggles of a Long-Distance Friendship

If you think for one minute that being a long- distance relationship is challenging, being in a long-distance friendship is very challenging, too. And this testimony that I am blogging is all about my first-time experience with an amazing friend, Miss Erika Harrison.

It all started on the seventh of November of this year when I so-happened to discover her on social media, Twitter, and I have added her as one of my followers on her soon-to-be husband’s Twitter fan page. I was greatly pleased when she mentioned the fan page that I’ve administered for a year and I was gracious enough to DM her from time to time to get to know her rather than doing the opposite. Even though I did not have Skype and Instagram, we have kept each other in contact with social medias like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, including phone calls and text messaging as well.

Things went well with Erika and myself when I shared my gifted talents with her. She really admired my creative designs so much, she offered me to do an interview on her show, and I agreed. As excited and nervous as I was, I knew that God was in the plan the entire time because I told her that it must have been HIS goodness that led me to be one of her followers that day.

Honestly, there were times when we have been facing with difficulties of being in a long-distance friendship just like it’s been difficult with her involving in a long-distance relationship with her sweetheart, who is also another good friend of mine. Whenever Erika and I are faced with challenges involving drama, storms, and other obstacles, we always do what God want us to do best: Empowering one another.

Now that I have shared my testimony, I will give you some basics on how to deal with the struggles of a long-distance friendship.

#1 Be Friendly.
As I previously said, I took the time to get to know the person without doing the opposite. It’s okay to be friendly towards someone regardless if they are in a relationship, married, or not, but it’s important to not be too friendly towards people by overstepping your boundaries in the friendship. I mean, whenever I get worried, I always ask Erika if I was overstepping my boundaries in our friendship and her response was “No” and that I should never think that. I had to make sure because none of us don’t want to have any problems.
A man or woman that hath friends must show himself/herself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother or a sister (Proverbs 18:24).

#2 Be Loyal.
I have made a promise to myself and to her that I will NEVER be like the other friends that will be loyal for a season, for one year, or for one minute and then the next minute they will do dirt. In order to be a true friend, you will have to be very supportive and helpful in what he/she does without passing any judgement. For example, if your friend comes across your mind, don’t be afraid to contact the person to let them know that you’re just checking on them to see if that person doing okay. No matter what the case maybe, I will always check on my sister, Erika, just like she will the same in return.
If you followed after righteousness and mercy, you will find life, righteousness, and honor (Proverbs 21:21).

#3 Be Honest.
The only way to have a true friendship with someone is honesty and trust. If there is no trust in your friendship, then your friendship is doomed to failure. Erika and I made it crystal clear that whatever we talk about or whatever do, its between me, her, and God and it’s nobody’s business. It’s true that sometimes talking to the friends you trust is therapeutic. Keep it real in your friendship is a must!
But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience (Luke 8:15).

#4 Be Prayerful.
It’s wise to keep each other in prayer because prayer changes things just like love changes things. Whenever my sister is feeling down and out within reason, I always keep her in prayer. Truthfully, I even text her a prayer to lift her up. Like in my situation, I was going through hurt and pain that I didn’t want to add my problems to the problems she have of her own so I asked her to text a prayer for me and I felt better. That saying “The family that prays together, stays together”, that goes for friendships, relationships, and marriages.
I am counting on the LORD; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word (Psalm 130:5).

Now that I have given you my basic guidelines on how to deal with the struggles in a Long-Distance Friendships, I encourage everyone that whenever you are facing struggles of being a long-distant friend, keep in mind that distance means so little when someone means so much. Through miles may lie between you and your friend(s), you are never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s only measured by the heart.

And in closing, I’d like to leave this piece for my sister Erika and to everyone:
May the LORD watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another (Genesis 31:49).

God is Love,


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