I’m a GOOD Person!

I always thought that I was a beautiful and good person that has been a blessing to others.
I mean, I have elderly folks that looked up to me, admired me, and inspired by me saying that I am not like the other girls that were: having babies at a young age, high school drop-out, college drop-out, drug addict, and many things like that. But through it all, I felt like I wasn’t pretty or even good enough because I have been violated, bullied, abused, verbally abused, persecuted and many things I have done that I was not so proud of and embarrassed by everything.

But as I grew older, I looked back at how far God has brought me from. All the time I felt unloved and helpless, it was HIM that took care of me and found great favor with HIM because HE loved me so much. I have to admit, I forget to count all my blessings God has given me because I was way too busy adding and multiplying all my problems.

There so many lessons I have learned throughout my life and it all gotten to the point where my life is just a test that I didn’t even study for. Of course there were times when I lost myself but do you know that old spiritual “Amazing Grace”? “I once was lost but now I’m found” I have found Wykeshia and I am so proud of her (me).

Truth is, it’s not just the past made me who I am, it was God. Everything I thought, everything I am is all because of Him! With that in mind, He’s the one who turned all my mess I have made into messages for me to learn, turn all my tests that I have failed into testimonies for me to tell, turn all my trials that I have been through into triumphs for me to succeed, and turn me from a victim into a woman with victory for me to rejoice and be exceedingly glad.

God is Love,


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