A Thick Girl’s Prayer

Lord, why did you make me thick,
Why did you make a woman that the world is seem sick?
Thick is something like having too much body,
Thick is something that disgraced everybody.
Why did you give thick hips and stretch marks,
Why did you create someone who received cruel remarks?
Thick is something fuzzy, chunky, husky,
Thick is something dense, heavy, and ugly.
Why did create a woman unlike women who are thin,
Why is my body not attracting many men?
Thick is the term for Fat and Plus – Sized.,
Thick is like a disease to everyone’s eyes.
Lord, I just don’t understand about my thickness,
Why it’s so hard for me to maintain a perfect fitness?
Why is that I always worry about my weight,
Why do I get the feeling that I don’t have the beauty that you gave?
Why can’t you redo me and make me as an Angel,
Why do I have the lumpy, lumpy angle??

God’s Reply

    My Child, I made you in the measurement of the surface of the wall,
    I made you in the way of a medium apple tree that stands tall.
    Your size is the same as a stuffed teddy bear that snuggles you to sleep
    Your size is the same as the strawberry, citrus, and melon, Mmm, so sweet!
    You were born with full of beautiful wisdom and grace,
    Everybody can’t see that because it’s marked all over your face.
    Your size is the same as being the Queen,
    I will ALWAYS bless you with a rightful King.
    Your size is much softer and snugglier than thin women,
    But don’t you worry, this will be a blinding light to every men.
    Your size is the same as being an Angel and an Enchantress,
    But surely that doesn’t make YOU as a Temptress.
    Your size contains so much beauty marks on the edge,
    That’s why you have the marks when you stretch.
    I will make others feel hurt and abused,
    Each time they say ungodly remarks to YOU.
    Your size is the newest type of thinness,
    Which is why you maintain a perfect fitness.
    My, I created you to be super spiritually sexy,
    And remember, every woman’s beauty were all given by me.
    Your size is the belly of the ball,
    Your size doesn’t stop you from standing tall.
    Your size may be an age of a number,
    But it’s not like any number where John witnessed that no man can number.
    So get a hold of yourself, look in the mirror, and believe what you see,
    I didn’t create you in the beauty of the world, I create you in the beauty of Me!


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