For God’s Love for Me, Myself, & I

I’ve asked myself,
“Keshia, what is there left for you to do when you’re fighting
for the love you’ve prayed for and you feel like it’s not worth fighting for?”
My answer was,”I don’t what to say. I mean, I wanted love, but I’m starting to
feel like love doesn’t want me.”

And then, the spirit of God spoke to me as he gently lifted my chin up with his finger.

Wykeshia, how many times have I told you NOT to worry about love?
I AM LOVE and I DO WANT YOU…FOR MYSELF. I know you’ve been through a lot
and I’ve kept you here. I know it hurts and you’re still hurting but I know that you can survive it.
Even though you’re feel hurting, lonely, afraid, and sad, I AM NOT GIVING UP ON YOU so DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP ON ME because I have not finished writing your love story yet. I promise you, my sweet, that if you would just hold on to your faith, hold on to your heart and put all your trust in me, you will have a BEAUTIFUL testimony that’s based on YOUR true love story. Believe me! So, if you can, please be patient a little while longer and try not to be discouraged, things will turn out just fine. You’re still BEAUTIFUL and as long as I AM EXISTING, you will ALWAYS be loved. I LOVE YOU, MY PRINCESS!”

Now that I got the message from my FATHER, I am going to spend some quality time loving, dating, and defining the following people who are formed in a threesome along with the MASTER, and their names are ME, MYSELF, & I.


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