A Love Letter From My Future Husband

My Dearest Future Wife,

All my life, I’ve prayed for a woman like you as long as I can remember
Throughout the years I’ve waited for you from January to December
Now, before you get impatient, here’s the truth
God is the matchmaker that’s preparing me for nobody but you

I know you’ve been tested, heartbroken and stressing
But don’t get discouraged, my Beloved, because you are a blessing
You’re my type of Star that captures my heart of a /G\
And before you make a husband out of me

Allow our Father to make a REAL Man out of me completely
Understand that if you are ready for love, here’s what I have to say
Be prepared for the bumps, mountains and ditches along the way
If only I can hold you in my protective arms right now, you’ll never be disconnected

I am willing to love you enough to know that you wanted to be caressed, and not molested
With such great beauty that’s given to you from above that makes you whole
Save yourself for just me to open your heart and undress your soul
As a patient loving man, I’ll man up to do my duty

For I ONLY choose Bible and Brains over breasts and booty
Makes no difference whether or not I am a Capricorn or a Leo
I will always be in love with you as a Scorpio
I am your Simba as a lion, and you are my Nala as a lioness
And for those who underestimated you, they need to mind their own business

I’m not the type of man who judge
Because I choose love over lust
The way you carry yourself like a Queen
You’re on the right path for attracting me as a King

Just know that I don’t care what you are, where you go, or what you do
I’m going to stay true and rooted because you’ll always be my boo
Beloved, you’re EVERYTHING a man could ask for
There’s definitely no reason to ignore

I’m attracted to your beauty, your personality and your stature
I can truly tell you are a precious gift from the Master
When our Father is ready, He’ll hand me the key to your heart
And when I find you, nothing in this world can make us part

I know that you’re wanted by many, taken by none
Don’t go looking at some, just wait for ME, I’ll be the RIGHT one
The way God raised me up, I’m willing to accept you and your flaws entirely
You may not have the cutest face or skinnier waist, but you have the BEST heart to love me with

For I know that if in prayer I fall on my knees
I know that I deserve to fall on one knee with a ring
I beg you to please don’t leave me with regrets
Because God haven’t finished writing our love story yet

I will know that there’s no other woman compare to you nor can to take your place
And I’m the man with a swag of being Saved With Amazing Grace
I know in my heart that you’re meant for me because I can’t live without you
To have a Proverbs 31 Woman like you as my #wcw is truly a dream come true

When God bless me to have you, all my fears will fly away like a dove
And when He bless you to have me, you’ll know that I’ll be glad you’ve waited for love
While God’s timing is ticking, prepare yourself to be my sweetest fruit
Because I, your Job 29 Man, and your Boaz is coming to you, my Ruth

Yours truly,
Your Future Husband

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