A Single Woman’s Beautiful Heart

My heart is deeply hidden in God

So that a man has to seek Him

In order to find me. It’s best that go

For the guy that captures my heart instead

of going for the guy who catches my eye.

It only takes a gentleman to open my heart.

I’ll show him love with affection and he’ll

Give me hugs of protection, which means,

I need to find a heart that will love me

At my worst, and a pair of arms that will

Hold me at my weakest.

The size of my waist does not determine

My beauty, it is the size of my heart that does.

It’s true that good looks fade,

But a good heart keeps me beautiful forever.

I figured, if I place my heart in God’s hands,

He will place my heart in the hands of a worthy person.


It’s simply because

A man can only win my heart

Once Christ has captured his.

So if a man wants my heart,

Then, he’ll have to get the key

From my Father in Heaven.

I’m only speaking my own heart.

If you don’t understand any word of it,

Then message was never meant for you anyway.


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