Lady in Waiting’s Prayer

Father, I’m grateful to be the truest daughter of King

For the beauty that you’ve given me was the key to my inner being

I request that you strengthen the spiritual side of me (Romans 7:18)

Because I only have human experiences as a spiritual being


I’ve denied myself to confess your Beloved Son as my Lord and Savior

Truthfully, I believe you’re seeing me walking in favor

Many say that I’m too beautiful to be lonely (Psalm 25:16) and single

But I trust that you’re saving me for someone special


My decision (Psalm 86:11) is to delight myself in you and you’ll give me what my heart desires (Psalms 37:4)

For respectable apparel with modesty and self-control are my attire (1 Timothy 2:9)

Being single isn’t a fairy tale; it’s really a real life

Even though I get underestimated (1 Timothy 4:12), only you (Luke 4:8) can take away my strife


Make me more beautiful (1 Peter 3:4) as I use the fruits of my lips to speak the truth and wisdom

As I’m growing in grace, I’ll never forget how far you’ve brought me from

Being in love is always been a great experience

And you’ve taught me to go by the heart instead of the appearance (1 Samuel 16:7)


Give me the beauty of having a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7), good heart (Psalm 51:10), and kind soul (Matthew 22:37)

So I can be more precious than jewels (Proverbs 31:10), silver and gold

There’s no reason why I, as your princess, to stress over the process

Only you know what fits me best


Hide me in your loving heart so that a man earnestly seek you

To have a future husband sent from you is truly a dream come true

Able me to be steadfast, unmovable and courageous

For I am a God-fearing sister who is beautiful (Song of Solomon 4:7) and virtuous (Proverbs 31:10)


I carefully pray that you’ll send me an angel from above

As long as you are existing I know I’ll be loved

Your rod and your staff will always comfort me (Psalm 23:4) when I’m dating

Throughout this single life, I vow to be the Lady in Waiting


In your name I pray–




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