Prayer for Repentance

Dear Lord,
Please hear your daughter’s cry right now.
I am so sorry for doing things that is impure in your sight.
Forgive me for being desperate, thoughtless, and sinful to everything that I have done.
I am so afraid of making you jealous and disappointed for what I have done.

Please don’t take your joy, your Holy Spirit,and all the gifts you’ve given away from me.
I’m like your servant, King David, create me a pure heart, renew the right spirit within me,
and restore me joy and salvation.

Father, I know that I have done wrong, but I am asking you
as I’m praying this prayer to please cast away my sins, purge me
and cleanse me with living water and hyssop and I will not only be whiter than snow,
but that I will come out as pure gold.

Thank you for hearing my cry.

In your Name I pray–


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