Keeping It Real: Parents Disciplining Children Who Wanna Be Grown

I know that I don’t have any children of my own, but I just can’t stand seeing children acting like they are grown.

I mean, you’d be hearing children that are minors saying “I’m grown”, “Nobody’s gonna tell me what to do”. But to make matters worse, you even got kids that be cursing a lot, listening to that dirty rap music and watching music videos, and yes, being on the internet talking to grown men not knowing they’re ex-cons, pimps, or pedophiles.

What’s so screwed up is that real parents can’t spank their kids anymore and you even got parents trying to be a child’s friends. Since this is a new generation where parents can’t spank their kids no more, exposing them on social media is the only way to teach the wannabe-grown-kids a lesson. If that’s not good enough, have the parents send them on a field trip to a county jail and a funeral home. Basically, that’ll be a good way to give them wannabe-grown-kids a reality check.

If the kids watched Disney’s ultimate classic The Lion King, pay close attention to the lessons it teaches them. Take Mufasa and his son Simba, for example. When Simba was a young cub, he called himself trying to be brave like his father Mufasa by being disobedient and putting himself and his friend Nala in danger involving a mess with the hyenas at the elephant graveyard. Of course, Mufasa was disappointed with his son but at the same time, Musfasa was terrified about losing his son, and he taught Simba that being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble. To me, that makes total sense. This ought to teach the kids that being grown doesn’t you go looking for trouble, and honestly, that’s pretty much what Mufasa was teaching Simba.

A month ago, I tweeted: “I wish these little girls would stop lying about their age, stop acting like they’re grown, stay off of the internet! I can’t stand looking at pictures of them come up missing because of that!! Parents need to teach them how to read Psalm 23 and say the Lord’s Prayer!! #realtalk”

Here’s what I remembered: when I was young, my mother, my father and my late grandmother whupped me, but majority of the whuppings I get were from my mother. One night, I came home from Bible drill team practice, she torn me up with a switch and when she was satisfied, she made me pray a prayer. I have to admit, I hated it when I get whupped. But now that I’m a woman full grown, I started to understand why I’d be getting a whupping on my backside, and it’s because of what my Bible tells me:
A spanking and a warning produce wisdom, but an undisciplined child disgraces his mother (Proverbs 29:15).

Every parent should understand this Bible verse: Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it. (Proverbs 22:6) It’s like Prophetess Juanita Bynum’s mother Katheryn Bynum said: “You’ve got to do it the God-kind-of way, and if you don’t do it the God kind-of way, you get a whupping. It’s no use of going to church shouting and speaking tongues and leave your children by themselves doing what they want to do.” To me, Mother Bynum does make a strong point. What she mean by “doing the God-kind of way”, she did the following with her children: Mother Bynum get the WORD down in them first, and when she get through, she’d put the belt on their backs. That’s her way of driving the devil out of them! That’s exactly how my mother did me!

As I look at a few videos about parents putting their kids in check by exposing them on social media, I’m a firm believer that it’s a good idea. But of course, there are parents who doesn’t have no control over their own kids, they’ll be the main ones who be like, “You’re shaming your kids. You shouldn’t do that. You should try being your child’s friends.” That’s basically what’s wrong with those type of parents; they’re trying to be a child’s friends by letting them tell the parents what they’re going to do, never mind about what the parents say. And the worse part is you got parents defending kids that are rebellious to them. Mother Bynum also state that the children can’t be the mama and the daddy, and if their parents are the mama and the daddy, they better stay the mama and the daddy. Even Tyler Perry’s character Madea said in the stage play I Can Do Bad All By Myself, “How are you going to be your child’s friend? When they help you pay the light bill or the phone bill or the rent, then y’all can be friends.” Even Madea said this in the movie Madea Boo Halloween: “Parents are trying to set you on the right path. Parents are not perfect, they make all kinds of mistakes, and when you start trying to make them perfect, you mess up thinking that they are. They are not God, they are parents, and they’re trying to do the best for you. Your parents ain’t lame ‘cause they tell you not to go out, not to be texting and driving—all that stuff is bad.” That truly makes total serious!

As I conclude, I’d like to leave you with this: It’s always the parents’ job to love and protect their children the way God would want them to do. But if the parents don’t discipline their children in a Godly way, the parents are going to be the ones who’s going to pay the consequences. God didn’t put parents on this earth to be a child’s best friend. He made parents and friends separately for a reason. Parents are meant to guide children and teach children, and friends are meant for a good time. Rely on what the Bible and always pray because that’s the only way to lead and guide the children all the way.


Keeping It Real: Royal Drama

One thing I told myself was this: if the same thing that happened year ago, it’ll happened again. What made me think that is because everybody is going bananas over one thing everybody can’t stop talking about: the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan. Back then, in 2015, everybody was going bonkers over Patti La Belle’s Sweet Potato Pies while Paris, France is suffering great deal of tragedies. In 2016, we’ve had our shares of natural disasters. Last year, we’ve had gun violence everywhere. And now, 2018, while all the souls that are involved in school shootouts in Texas and Georgia, while the souls in Hawaii are suffering from the natural disaster, everybody are talking about the royal newlyweds.

Here’s what I don’t get.

Why is it that everyone is so hyped about some 2 strangers that we have never met and never known? Is the Royal Newlyweds being worth our time as well as our attention? Are they going to the main ones we can turn to when we are in need? These are the questions everybody should be asking themselves at this point. But if you think that I’m so piety and you’re thinking that I’m just in my feelings just by keeping it real, well what you think of me for speaking the truth don’t phase me.


Ok, now, I get the point that the Royal family got a B.A.P. (Biracial American Princess), but for real, what’s so great about the royal couple? What, do you think that by them that’s going to solve any problems? How can we all get all giddy about the royal newlyweds when we have tragedies going on in the States, natural disasters around the world, having a boob-brained pompous bigot for a president, pulpit pimps/pimptresses robbing church folks just to live a lavish lifestyle, young people getting killed day by day, internet snakes coming after young people, people struggling to make a living to have a better life for
themselves, and so much more to deal with?!

It’s time that we all should wake up. And sure enough, we all will be waking up
sooner or later you will find yourselves asking these questions, “When was the last time the royal family ever offered their riches to us while we’re over struggling and straining, trying to have a better life for ourselves? Do they think that just they’re royal makes us want to bow down to them?” Let that be something to really think about.

So, you see, there’s nothing so important about the royal couple. NOTHING AT ALL!! Now that everybody’s all hyped about the royal wedding, I want to know this. How can everyone be so happy for Harry and some biracial chick that they don’t even know but being lowdown and dirty when their homegirls or family members get married? I mean, come on! Let’s stop hog washing around get real!!

As I conclude, I’m going to leave you with this:
if any one of you wanted to bow down to anybody’s feet, the only feet you should be bowing down to is the King of kings’. He’s the only Royal One who can solve all our problems, not the royal newlyweds.

An Obituary of the Old Me

That’s a HUGE risk to create an obituary like this to celebrate the New Year.

Confessions of a Warrior Princess

Publication4.jpg red roses bible spray

Wykeshia Lavel McCallister a.k.a. Mz. Keshia, departed this life on
December 31, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

At an early age, Wykeshia declared that Jesus is LORD, and believe that God brought him back to life and she was saved. Since had believed and received God’s approval and declaring her faith, she was saved (Romans 10:9&10).

Throughout the years, Wykeshia was crowned as the Princess of the King of kings. She married to a total of 99 husbands and to union, she had suffered birth pains for others again until Christ is formed in her (Galatians 4:19), and afterward, she is divorced.

Wykeshia had studied to show herself approved unto God, a worker that isn’t ashamed to teach the word of truth correctly (2 Timothy 2:15) and as for her efforts, she received a G.O.D., a B.A. degree for being Born Again (John 3:7), and she received…

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Voice of the Rose of Sharon

On solid ground, the Gardener planted me
He found a special spot just to sow good seeds
He has watered me with refreshing, living water
And fertilized me so I can bloom more fuller

As the Gardener tendered His garden, I started to sprout
I was growing strong and sturdy, no doubt
From the moment on, I was described as the blossom of the dogwood tree
It’s true that I was known as the Lily of the Valley

I was drenched in blood when I was pierced by thorns
In order for me to blossom, for your sins, I’ve been scorned
Yet still you have to go through obstacles as far as it goes

My days are like grass: as a flower of the field, I flourish
With me being the anointed one as your sweet-smelling Savior
The grass withered, the flower fades, but the Gardener’s Word will forever stand
And it’s all because I am your Rose of Sharon, the Great I Am

Written by: Wykeshia McCallister  2-9-2014

Hidden Money in the Bible


A mother gives her daughter a beautiful new Bible as a college graduation present. As she does so, she says, “My dear, I hope you will discover the treasures that can be found within these pages.”

The daughter thanks her mother politely, but she felt very disappointed. “That old woman got all this money,” she thinks to herself. “She should’ve written out a big fat check instead of giving me this as a present! Old windbag!”

The daughter puts the Bible, still in its beautiful presentation gift-box, on the upper shelf in her closet, and completely forgets about it.

She doesn’t see her mother very often after that, but every time she does, the mother gives her sort of a strange look and asks her how she’s enjoying reading the Bible she gave her. On such occasions, the daughter replied, “Sure, Mama, I’m enjoying it a lot.”

Many years passed the daughter was very successful in business. She had a beautiful home, a beautiful car, and a wonderful family. But then she realized her mother was very old, and thought perhaps she should go visit her.

She hadn’t seen her since that graduation day. Before she could make plans, she received a text message telling her that her mother died, and willed all her possessions to her daughter.

When she arrived at her mother’s house, sadness and regret filling her heart, she began to search through her mother’s important documents, and saw the Bible, still brand-new just as she had left it years ago.

With tears in her eyes, the daughter opened the Bible and before she could turn any pages, she turned to the Book of 1 Corinthians. When she got to it, there was an envelope and her mother had carefully highlighted a verse in pink. It states, “And if any man think that he know anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know.”

As she reads those words, the daughter opened an envelope and she discovers her mother has inserted some crisp clean 100 dollar bills that equals up to $10,000.

Moral: Sometimes, we have the tendency of missing out on blessings because God did not package them how we wanted or expected Him to. We should take time to think and we should not upset and act at instant. We must think before we act because it’s better to think before act than to regret later.

Voice of the Bible

I am not just some book that is on the back of a shelf,
Nor am I some book covered in dust on the table you left;
You didn’t even want me when I was your graduation gift,
And you have no idea on how I really uplift.

Why does it hurt so bad for you to pick me up and read?
Don’t you realize that deep inside I have all you need?
I am like a textbook solving your problems like you did in math,
If I am stepping on your toes, it’s because you’re on the wrong path.

Why can’t you treat me like you treat your credit cards or your cellphones?
I mean, you know you’ve got to have them when you leave home.
Tell me…When will you get the bigger picture?
Just give me a chance to teach you all about the One who holds your future.

I am the main purpose of helping you built a strong foundation,
And I can help you learn about who is your salvation.
Once you open me up and read, you will learn a lot of lessons,
And no matter what battles you are facing, I’m still your secret weapon.

Never mind about what the gossipers say, I’m the one you’d be sleeping with,
I can even be your medicine to be used as directed when you’re feeling sick.
Did you know that I’m like a cookbook with the ingredients to bake a cake?
Trust me, you have no idea how good it is to your taste.

I come in all various colors and sizes based on my looks,
And, yes, I am the book that has a grand total of 66 books.
Like the American and Christian flags, you should pledge your allegiance
to me: God’s Holy Word,
His Word is as beautiful as its own Author.

I am well known as the Book of Love and it’s just like a rose,
My pages are rose petals when the beauty of His love unfolds.
Unlike other books you read, it only informs you,
But I’m just like a mirror, I can only transform you!

Now that I’ve told you everything about myself, I am what you need,
Don’t hesitate to stop what you’re doing. Pick me up, open me up, and read.
Regardless of what version I come in, I am your only choice for survival,
And to you, I am your biggest gift, your Holy Bible.

Written by: Wykeshia L. McCallister 5/22/17

God’s Honor Roll

My life feels like a test that I didn’t study for,
But I’m destined to commit all my works to God to finish my course.
I may have learned about the 8 parts of speech,
But now’s the time that I should practice what I preach.

I’ve read various books that really informs me,
But when I started to read HIS textbook, it really transformed me.
Although Reading, English, Math, and History are my main subjects,
I’m studying harder so I can do excellent on the test.

In life, I’m tested, then it taught me a lesson,
Even though I’ve failed, I added 1 cross + 3 nails = I’m 4given.
I know that I have 99 problems but my faith is not the 1,
That’s because I was counting my blessings and seeing what God has done.

As I continue learning about the kings, queens, and judges that made History,
It made me understand that God can use anybody, even me.
Like Timothy, I have studied to show myself approved,
And I’m prepared to take my exams containing temptation and trials.

Even though what I do for Christ will last,
I looked at the exams and declared, “This too shall pass!”
My future goal is to attend Heaven University,
And earned Born Again and Crown of Life as my degrees.

In the Business of Our Father, I’ve became His chosen employee,
And I may not have a Ph.D, but guess what. I have a G-O-D!
His Word, Goodness, and Mercy follows me everywhere I go,
And no matter what, I will always be on God’s Honor Roll!!

Written by: Miss Wykeshia McCallister 4/27/17